My 10 album selections from the 00's


Gen 21 2010, 16:08

The 00's was the decade Cd's started to become extinct, end-of-the-pier TV shows came back and actually started to dictate the charts and the industry, and Margeret Thatcher managed to stay alive on what ever Frankenstein-esque life-support contraptions the Tory's have put her on... but it wasn't all that bad, the music was good at least :)

This is a list of my personal favourite albums from the past ten years, they're in alphabetically order. I was going to do some form of countdown but I love some of these albums so much it would be unfair and may cause sheer anarchy amongst my music collection.

Amon Tobin : Supermodified
A great album to sit back, drink tea and pass time too. It's downbeat and jazz in taht way that Amon knows best. Very close call between this and Foley Room, in fact I'd probably say I enjoy them both just as much though this is the lesser known of the two so wanted to show it some love

Boards Of Canada : The Campfire Headphase
It was a close call between this or Geogaddi but I went with this as its an album that feels like more of a 'voyage'. It also contains my favourite closing track of all time; turn your preamp up on the tail-end of Farewell Fire and its just otherworldly

I didn't even have to think about putting this album on the list, it just appeared here via common sense :) Incredibly unique hiphop sound that spawned many great 'sub-division' bands of Anticon & co. Also I know this is a compilation of their earliest singles and not a stand alone album, but it's my list so suck my jargon :P

Dinosaur Jr. : Beyond

Unlike most people who got this album when it came out, I had never actually heard anything else by Dinosaur Jr. before this... and after hearing this album and discovering all the ones prior to it I am utterly ashamed of myself for not discovering them earlier.

The Flaming Lips : Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
This along with Blur's 13 was one of those albums I bought in my teenage years at the start of the decade when I really started to appreciate and fall in love with music and because of this this album will always be special to me. It's just a wonderful album that reminds me of hot summers and my youth.

Lemon Jelly :
This albums floats out the speakers. Its impossible to listen to without letting your imagination take over especially on tracks like His Majesty King Raam and Page One

Kaly Live Dub : Repercussions
I'm not entirely sure where I got this album from or if it even got a proper UK release, but man it would be a shame if it didn't. It's just classic 00's dub, blending styles from roots reggae, dubstep, jungle, hip hop and even arabic music... I wish contemporary UK dub was even half as innovative as the stuff that's come out of France and the rest of Europe in the past 10 years.

Madvillain : Madvillainy

This album started my love affair with underground hiphop, I remember hearing my friend play Accordion and from there onwards went on an intriguing voyage through some of hip hops hidden underground gems, of which there were A LOT in the 00's.

Propagandhi : Potemkin City Limits
I just love the recent developments in Propagandhi's sound. Taking metal and hardcore then putting them together is no new thing but Propagandhi just seem to have found some secret compartment within the genres and made they're own unique and melodic style. In my opinion the most definitive punk band of the 00's and this being their most definitive album... though with each extra listen Supporting Caste is slowly taking over.

Tom Waits : Alice
A lot of people say this album is too depressing and too surreal, but it's the soundtrack to a play based on Alice in Wonderland so what did you really expect? And no matter what emotional state you find this album expresses best it's undeniable that it's atmosphere, sound and voice leaves a mark. One of Waits' finest achievements.

So there you go, fingers crossed for another 10 years of musical treats... and then we'll soon be in the 20's when we'll revert to taking dames to the ballroom and doing the foxtrot in a phat styley.

Heres some other albums I considered for this list and should be listened to regardless...
Antipop Consortium : Tragic Epilogue
Burial : Untrue
Capdown : Pound For The Sound
Chumbawamba : Readymades
Fugazi : Argument
High Tone :Acid Dub Nucleik
Hymie's Basement : Hymie's Basement
Jeffrey & Jack Lewis : City & Eastern Songs
Kode 9 & Spaceape : Memories Of The Future
Leftover Crack : Mediocre Generica
Manu Chao : Próxima Estación: Esperanza
NoComply : With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions
Quasimoto : The Unseen
Sonic Boom Six : Sounds to Consume
Ween : White Pepper
Ye Wiles : Smoothing Away the Horrors of Indigestion
Yesterday's New Quintet : Angles Without Edges


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