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Brano Durata
1 Hands Like HousesAntarctica 4:06
2 Hands Like HousesThis Ain't No Place for Animals 4:07
3 Hands Like HousesSpineless Crow 3:34
4 Hands Like HousesDon't Look Now, I'm Being Followed, Act Normal 3:13
5 Hands Like HousesA Clown and His Pipe 3:27
6 Hands Like HousesStarving to Death in the Belly of a Whale 4:29
7 Hands Like HousesOne Hundred 3:29
8 Hands Like HousesThe Definition of Not-Leaving 2:28
9 Hands Like HousesThe Sower 4:05
10 Hands Like HousesWatchmaker 4:02


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