• best show

    Mar 17 2010, 21:10

    The Mercury Program @ The Social, Orlando

    Chez Viking
    Slightly Drifting
    Backseat Blackout
    The Church of Cause and Effect
    Fluorescent Laces
    You Yourself Are Too Serious
    Sultans of El Sur

    (I'm not sure on the order of the middle ones, and I might be missing one or two - Arrived/Departed? The Secret to Quiet? Egypt? I can't be sure.)

    What a special show. I don't feel like reviewing it honestly, words would ruin it. I love this band with all my heart
  • sola sistim

    Feb 23 2010, 19:36

    In addition to an entire year’s worth of lukewarm festivities and senior rituals, my high school graduating class put together a CD to treasure the music of the time.

    Being the meek and awkward boy I was (still am) — lacking confidence to involve myself in the senior prank or attend Prom — I was excited to participate here. My life revolved around music. I had a chance to leave with my friends and peers a glimpse into my little, unappreciated self. On a CDR.

    I knew the playlist would be predictable with hip hop, nu metal and pop. I wanted to pick something I could find myself in — a song with which I had a connection without having the words to even describe it. At the time, this could only mean Underworld.

    Sola Sistim

    The song was probably skipped by pretty much everyone. With nearly 60 seconds of a cliche, downtempo beat before the lyrics even come in, Sola Sistim is a slow burner. It would stick out terribly next to OutKast and Incubus. There are plenty of Underworld songs that pulse with life.

    Why sola sistim? The lyrics. The vibe.

    It paints a disconnected world with a mind puttering out its thoughts to another. The thoughts vocalized here end up on the floor, probably stepped on, but left (desperately) to shine for another damaged soul to pick up. Boring; ugly; shy; profoundly beautiful. It reaches out, longing to be held and appreciated.

    I wonder if anyone heard it.