Late and Lustworthy: Angelspit scream the roof off


Apr 23 2010, 21:21

Sat 17 Apr – Angelspit

Having bought our tickets we called the venue and found out the band would not be onstage until 1.30am! We had no way of getting home so resigned ourselves to not going.Luckily in the end we got a lift- almost not going made the gig that bit sweeter.

We were so hyped by 2am we were fit to burst! Angelspit were of course a revelation, full of anger and fire and lust right from the off. They truly are a force of nature. The tracks were extra heavy live, and mixed into each other with some pretty special synth work from ZooG. Highlights for me were Skinny Little Bitch, Girl Poison and Vena Cava. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Wreak Havoc as that is a personal favourite and obviously stirs up the audience to fever pitch. I totally believed they were going to play it until they finally left the stage after an encore and the recorded music kicked in.

To top off the night I got myself a Miss-X black lips necklace which i modelled alongside Destroyx, who was also wearing hers, to my amusement. Met both her and ZooG, they were both very enthusiastic and happy to meet their fans.

Great band, great night. I left a much stronger Angelspit fan than before, and resolved to follow their career from now on.


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