• the national and arcade fire videos

    Gen 3 2008, 11:55

    about today

    fake empire


    The National
    Arcade Fire
    About Today
    rebellion (lies)
    Rebellion (Lies)
    arcade fire

    okay! theres some links for youtube videos ive added.

    ps:how the hell do i connect this to artists without getting double links?
  • the national at rockefeller, oslo december the 1st 2007

    Dic 4 2007, 15:15

    I was a pathetic fan almost first in line, and suddenly the band comes out from the closed venue doors for a smoke! :D I swear I didn't follow them.
    Hayden warmed up for the national and he was very good.

    I don't know his music too well so I cant really write any setlist for his part..

    here's the setlist for the national in(ALMOST)no particular order:
    start a war
    secret meeting
    slow show
    racing like a pro
    squalor victoria
    green gloves
    mr november
    fake empire
    daughters of the soho riots
    baby we'll be fine
    all the wine
    mistaken for strangers
    about today

    some drunk moron kept calling for "lit up" inbetween the songs but the band refused to play it.(with a smile)
    They said that some of their songs, when they play them live they sound really bad. I think we were very lucky to hear them play karen cause they said they normally never play that song live,..
    oh and they also said this*:
    we can't wait to go to russia to see just how drunk meanies azz can get.

    (* anyone but meanie should not take this last comment too seriously)

    The National,rockefeller
  • okkervil river at john dee, oslo 01/12/2007

    Dic 4 2007, 14:41

    Okkervil River,john dee 2007
    okay, here's an attempt at writing down the setlist, if you see anything wrong then I wont be surprised.
    for real
    unless it's kicks
    girl in port
    it ends with a fall
    our life is not a movie or maybe
    a hand to take hold of the scene
    plus ones
    you can't hold the hand of a rock'n'roll man
    john allyn smith sails

    and then there were some oldies that I haven't heard before.
    one was something like "our president is dead" ...?
    and they also played a new song that had only been played once before.
    (It reminded me of the rolling stones.)
    Lovely concert. The best song was unless it's kicks where everyone pretty much yelled their lungs out
    Anyway, Im sure I've forgotten some songs so if you were there and have a more functioning brain than me then please feel free to fill me in. They came back for more song playing at least two times so I must have forgotten something..!!

  • sufjan stevens at berns, stockholm, 15 november, 2006

    Nov 18 2006, 17:12

    it was the perfect show and the perfect band and lightning was a bit screwed up at times but overall I give it 10 out of 10!WOA! lovely venue too.
    the setlist:

    good man is hard to find
    trees of the field
    tallest man
    john wayne gacy, jr.
    worst christmas ever!
    seven swans
    (and then the show ended, but they came back and played one last song)
    casimir polaski day

    on the ticket it said no cameras allowed.. but everyone was taking pictures.. and I filmed some too. just with a cellphone though, sadly I didnt bring my camera.

    here are some pics from the show

    and here are some "videos"
    filmed sideways and all..


    and my favourite: