• Thank you for all the fish ...

    Mar 26 2009, 13:46


    farewell Last.fm. Your decision to define me as a 2nd class user of your services is more then I can accept. I have now, against my will, migrated to Spotify.

    I will uninstall you client on my machines and I am considering closing my Last.fm account. It will for now not be used, perhaps you will change your mind? I will in the future not scrobble. Why should I continue to give you data on my listening habits? What happened to your openness? And for the record, I am not against paying!

    The rest can be read here http://www.frankps.net/?p=1124.

    As so many other users have said: R.I.P. Last.fm.
  • LastFMProxy on IsComputerOn

    Lug 30 2006, 16:12


    today I could write a small newsupdate on one of the most read BeOS newssites, http://www.iscomputeron.com, on how to listen to listen to Last.fm under BeOS.

    I hope many BeOS-users will discover the beauty of Last.fm.