Top 50 of 2006


Feb 13 2007, 2:44

50. Love Like Winter
Really Cool Song, Good Video

49. Upside Down
Very peppy and upbeat, fun to listen to.

48. Charlie
One of my favorites from Stadium arcadium

47. World Wide Suicide
One of my all time favorite bands, not their best though.

46. This Is The End (For You My Friend)
Good punk song

45. Let Love In
Hippy Song, but it has a very good message.

44. Don't Wait Not as good as their first albums, but still very good.

43. Snow (Hey Oh) They performed this at the Grammys last night.

42. Mystery
My all time favorite band, but this album sucked. This was the best song.

41.Over You
You are going to see a lot of Daughtry on this countdown.

40. Face Down (acoustic) I really like this new band, this is almost as good as the original.

39. What I Want
Hardest song on the album, Slash on guitar is brilliant.

38. Is It Any Wonder?
Solid track from a good piano rock band.

37. One (ft. U2)
Really good cover.

36. In Fate's Hands I usually don't like screamo but this song is really good.

35. Gone
Best song off their new album

34. The Saints Are Coming Good cover by two very talented bands.

33. There and Back Again
Another really hard song, but still catchy.

32. You Know My Name Everything Chris Cornell has ever done is amazing, including this song.

31. It's Not Over
The hit single, very powerful with an amazing video.

30. Miss Murder
Cool video

29. Through Glass
So much better than slipknot, has a post grunge feel to it.

28. The Kill (Bury Me) (Acoustic) Shows that Jared can really sing.

27. Attack
Awesome leadoff track, I love how he screams "I'll attack"

26. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
I never really liked Death Cab, but this song is mellow and easy to like.

25. MakeDamnSure
Again, I don't really like Taking Back Sunday, but this is a solid song.

24. Pain
Great Year for these guys, very good hard rock song, but disturbing lyrics.

23. Love And Memories
I hate the new album, but this song is decent. Old O.A.R was amazing though.

22. Life Wasted
I lied, this is slightly better than Gone

21. Original Fire
Again, Chris Cornell. Not his best but still very good.

20. Welcome to the Black Parade I like MCR, they put out a very good album that you'll see more of.

19. Hate Me
Really powerful lyrics, I like the edited version on foiled again-ep.

18. ...To Be Loved
Hard Rock at it's finest, the only problem is I can't play it infront of my parents, too many f's.

17. Sam's Town
The title track is very good, you'll see more of this album.

16. The Gift
Excellent Post Grunge song

15. Bones
This song kind of got old for me, but I still listen to it.

14. If Everyone Cared
I don't like Nickelback, but this song is incredible and so is the video. I figured out that Nickelback writes excellent songs, but Kroeger sucks as frontman.

13. Face Down Third track by them, only real screamo I like

12. Tell Me Baby Another somewhat dissapointing album that racked up three songs, this was the best on the album.

11. Starlight
Really cool song, but it bothers me that they use the album name as lyrics. I don't know why, but a lot of bands do that.

TOP 10!!!!

10. Your Guardian Angel Best song on the album! Amazing vocals for a punkish band.

9. Home
Here he is again, this will be overplayed by the summer, mark my words.

8. Animal I Have Become Another great hard rock song.

7. No Way Back
I don't know why this is listed as 2006, but it is still an excellent song by a classic postgrunge band.

6. Crashed This song won't be released as a single, but it is great, I'd check it out.

5. How to Save a Life
Really good song, the fray are going to be the next big thing.

4. The Riddle
So much meaning and emotion, John has excellent song writing skills.

3. Cancer
Such a sad, yet powerful song. I love the piano on it. If you haven't listened to it you're missing out.

2. Chasing Cars
This song got REALLY famous, but it stayed REALLY good.


1. When You Were Young I love how they were able to mend their own synth rock style with the roots of american rock. I think this song sounds a bit like Meat Loaf in places.

Top artists
5. The Red Hot CHili Peppers- 3
4. Pearl Jam- 3
3. The Killers- 3
2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- 4
1. Daughtry- 6

Thanks for reading, I'll put out a top 50 of 2005 soon.


  • jaguarsfan77

    Too much Daughtry, other than that, nice list.

    Mar 19 2007, 7:51
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