Apr 19 2008, 11:06


  • -Lorry-

    Nice review, I think the band managed to tame the hecklers in the end. They've probably had it all before. Controlled playing from the band, as expected. Mimi's vocals were stunning. And good track selection (if a little 'Drums and Guns' heavy) from the band I think, 'Shame' in the encore was a personal highlight.

    Apr 19 2008, 12:16
  • andy_taylor

    Good review! The Helio Sequence drummer was fantastic to watch. Low were just brilliant, really powerful.

    Apr 20 2008, 16:40
  • crazy_nighthawk

    Low's bassist never said a word. He did seem a bit like the odd one out. I'd never heard either of the bands before, I have to say I preferred Helio Sequence but the atmosphere made by Low's hypnotic music was amazing. I could imagine them being the warm-up act for a really top group.

    Apr 23 2008, 12:32
  • forestpines

    Their bassist has only been with them for a few years - most of the back catalogue stuff they played was originally written and recorded before he joined the band.

    Apr 23 2008, 13:06
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