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Giu 4 2008, 16:40

PPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFT. I'm going to combine my favorite Goldfrapp songs and favorite Sonic Youth songs into one entry. Because I wanna. Not ordered by favor.

Top of the Frapp:
Lovely Head-AH! It's just wild!
Pilots-Her voice...sigh.
Horse Tears-So somber.
Tiptoe-Beepy boopy love.
Strict Machine-First song I ever heard of theirs. Instant magic.
Koko-Sharp as teeth and stars.
Number 1-I just wanna shake it.
I didn't care much for Supernature.
Clowns-Pretty pretty pretty.
Happiness-Bouncy, plus, the video is precious.
Eat Yourself-Sigh. Gets me all dreamy and tears me from Earth.
Cologne Cerrone Houdini-I didn't think I could love them any more, but here we are. Favorite track of all time. For now.
We Are Glitter-Building at its finest.

Sonic Youth lovin':
Death Valley '69-HIT IT!
Teenage Riot-Instantly made me glad I bought Daydream Nation.
Hey Joni
Tom Violence
Shadow of a DoubtToxic waste in a drainage ditch, yellow lights.
Star Power
Marilyn Moore-Creeps me out when I listen alone.
Evol is my favorite album of theirs in general.
Dirty Boots
Kool Thing
Mary-Christ-Heard it on shuffle, fell in love.
Karen Revisited
Renegade Princess
Or-I think I'd like this played at my funeral.
Pattern Recognition
Junkie's Promise
Little Trouble Girl-Uh huh.


  • absolia

    karen revisited is so good...

    Giu 4 2008, 18:24
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