• Gunshot

    Lug 21 2014, 19:43

    what can I say about last week? I was busy. The rest comes with stats. :P

    Last week in covers:

    > La Roux : new album alert. Spoiler: it’s still 80s sound.
    > Bright Light Bright Light : new album alert. A bit too cheesy, if you ask me.
    > Nicki Minaj : silly party tunes alert. I still like “Automatic”. :)
    > Lady Gaga : party playlist research. And yes, I chose a song from ARTPOP.
    > Miley Cyrus : hm, I’m still a bit interested in “Bangerz”, which I’ve never listened to completely.
    > Paul Thomas Saunders : this music has become an essential part of my playlists. :)


    Most played artists:
    > deadmau5 : new album alert. “while(1<2)” is an odd album title. The tracks vary from electro to pop, and overall it’s okay. I guess fans should be pleased.
    > MAGIC! : reggae pop for the new century. Well, I expected a bit more from the new album.
    > Depeche Mode : I’m about to get into DM classics - especially the album “Music For The Masses”.

    Most played tracks:
    > Any Which Way (7th Heaven Radio Edit) : this is part of some kinf of research for a party playlist. I found a few remixes that are quite joyful. :)

    > Blink-182 are working on a new album, which would be their 7th.
    > Clean Bandit did a choice with his new single “Come Over” (feat. Stylo G), because I think it’s one of the best track from his album “New Eyes”. And the new video is as crazy as the song. It could actually come from the 1990s.
    > You don’t need to be a big fan of Train to enjoy their new video “Angel In Blue Jeans”. Thanks to actor Danny Trejo, this short film looks like an scene from a Machete film.
    > Röyksopp & Robyn’s collaboration continues with a new video for “Do It Again”. Unfortunately the clip doesn’t really live up to the song.
    > Broods might be a band to look out for. Their new video “Mother & Father” looks quite trendy.
    > Lykke Li’s new video “Gunshot” turned out to be okay, but if you want something exceptional - try the Paul Thomas Saunders Remix of this very song on Soundcloud.

    New in the German charts:
    [08] Nobody to Love : wow, the sample from a Kanye West song is now a summer hit. Who would have thought?

  • Days Of Abandon

    Lug 14 2014, 17:44

    my fatigue level is pushed to the limit these days, because I hosted a very early radio programme on several days last week. And also a party weekend did not help my sleeping pattern. But I am hopeful that this is about to change.
    And if I happen to come across new tunes on the way, I won’t mind neither.

    Last week in covers:

    > Glass Animals : new album alert. For me also: new artist alert. However, my first encounters with their music wasn’t very convincing.
    > Steve Jablonsky : new album alert. Of course, it’s part of a new Transformers film, which is getting very bad reviews. However, that doesn’t stop me from listening to the score.
    > Morrissey : new album alert. And from what I’ve read, it might be one of the best releases of 2014. Anyway.. some song titles really got me interested.
    > 2 Unlimited : flashback alert. So there was this bad taste party that I wanted to mention on the radio. And that let me check some of their greatest hits.
    > The Lonely Island : sometimes funny tunes can really brighten your day. For instance, try “Sax Man”.
    > Lady Gaga : I’m still a big fan of her “ARTPOP” album. I wish I could see her on tour.


    Most played artists:
    > The Pains of Being Pure At Heart : this was part of a research, whether I would make their album “Days Of Abandon” a gift for a friend.
    > Jungle : new album alert. After a first listening session I have to admit that “Busy Earnin’” is very hard to top.
    > deadmau5 : new album alert. Some tracks surprised me a bit, because I did not expect such a diversity of sounds.

    Most played tracks:
    nothing to mention here

    > Aloe Blacc’s new video “Hello World (The World Is Ours)” once again highlights his strong voice. Unfortunately the song sounds like a sports anthem. However, the video has a nice charity twist.
    > If you watch Colbie Caillat’s “Try” video, you might wonder, why this hasn’t done before. Pop music with a message has become quite rare.
    > “Take Me As I Am” is the new video by Example - and like the song it’s a bit difficult to get. Club beats mixed with personal lyrics can be better.
    > The new Florrie video “Little White Lies” features lovely visuals, that fit a nice pop song.
    > Foxes started promotion for her new album - with a video for her song “Glorious”. Hm, I think it’s okay.
    > “All I Need Is You” by John Newman is a bit too much about his looks and his moves - especially when it’s supposed to be about someone else.
    > MIKA seems to try something new. “Boum Boum Boum” mixes quite a few movie references and musical styles. Oh, and it’s French.
    > The Fooo? No, not a crazy rapper. This is another teen pop sensation. Cynics could see the group as the Swedish version of One Direction. And no, “All Over The World” is forgettable.
    > And speaking of forgettable pop acts - meet ZeroGravity with their debut “Make You Mine”. Or better… just skip it. :P
    > Netsky did a good choice featuring vocals by Beth Ditto for his song “Running Low”. If only the video wasn’t so underwhelming.

    New in the German charts:
    [10] Calm After the Storm : I’m not sure, if this song was hyped again. Anyway… it’s not that new. The Eurovion Song Contest was months ago. However, it was one of the best contenders as well. :P

  • Tales Of Us

    Lug 7 2014, 18:08

    I find it ironic to spend those shiny summer days with dark tunes. But I’d say you never know what makes you resonate. Anyway...

    Last week in covers:

    > Bright Light Bright Light : new album alert. After one brief encounter I can say that some tracks have potential. Let’s see, if I will get into those groves. :P
    > Coldplay : I revisited “Ghost Stories” - just to find out how much “Another’s Arms” has grown on me.
    > The Killers : After a while it’s easy to say that “Battle Born” is not their best album - apart from a few catchy tunes - “Deadlines And Commitments” for instance.
    > Lykke Li : “I Never Learn” is a great album and “Never Gonna Love Again” is my favorite track from it. Yep, melancholic tunes are my thing these days.
    > Madonna : One may wonder, if there are only dance tunes on “MDNA”. No, there are also softer songs. I recommend “Falling Free”.
    > John Newman : To tell you the truth I was looking for a song that I could play on the radio. And since chances are good that I will host a morning show soon, “Losing Sleep” will be my pick. ;)


    Most played artists:
    > Goldfrapp : “Tales Of Us” has now officially reached me. There has been hardly a day without me revisiting those mellow melodies. :)
    > George Ezra : new album alert. A few nice tunes here and there, but overall not that impressive. But his vocal talent tries to make up for it.
    > Saga : new album alert. But I have to admit that this kind of progressive rock on “Sagacity” is not my cup of tea.

    Most played tracks:
    > Stranger : Within one week this has become my favorite Goldfrapp song and also sort of a personal hymn as well. :)

    > According to Forbes 2014 is the year of Beyoncé when it comes to influence, power and stuff… also in their top 10: Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Katy Perry.
    > There will be a deluxe edition of Cut Copy’s latest album “Free Your Mind” - and it comes with 5 new tracks.
    > Róisín Murphy recently released a new video called “Ancora Tu”, which comes off quite artsy. Also the song is sort of unusual - considering today’s electro pop standards.
    > A video for a song like “Pseudologie Fantastica” couldn’t possibly be more psychedelic. Thanks, Foster The People.
    > Lily Allen did a good choice picking “URL Badman” for a single, because it’s one of the best from “Sheezus”. The new video has some nice CGI going on, too.
    > Maroon 5 are back - and the “Maps” video turns out to be a dramatic short film. But that’s all the praise they will get from me for a pop song as mediocre as this.
    > Keisza’s “Giant In My Heart” sounds a bit similar to “Hideaway”, but the video has a nice message featuring minorities.
    > Big Sur was a bonus track from Alanis Morissette’s last album “Havoc And Bright Lights” - but it has a video now. Lovely landscapes and good times are shown.
    > Another new video comes from Owl City and Lindsey Stirling. Beautiful times reminds me of “Fireflies” and comes with quite dreamy visuals.
    > Fans of splashing water should be happy with the new video by Bright Light Bright Light, because “I Believe” is set in a pool.

    New in the German charts:
    nothing to highlight here :/

  • Stranger

    Giu 30 2014, 18:12

    due to the fact that I’m about to have my first “early bird” radio show tomorrow, I won’t babble around here much.

    Last week in covers:

    > Madonna : flashback times. Oh, “The Confessions Tour” era was cleary her being the best. I should watch that concert DVD again soon.
    > OK Go : new EP alert. Last week I wrote about their new video and now I can state that “Upside Out” is a fun collection of songs.
    > Nena : flashback times. I revisited some of her newer songs. I especially dig the ballads.
    > Paramore : new EP alert. Or is it just a single with 3 remixes? Anyway, it sounds pretty mainstream. But I can’t really judge, because I still haven’t heard their latest album.


    Most played artists:
    > Paul Thomas Saunders : I’m still working on a radio feature about his debut album. And I was happy that this artist replied to me on Twitter. Meanwhile I’m having his songs on heavy rotation.
    > Riff Raff : well, I wouldn’t checked out his new album “Neon Icon”, if it wasn’t because of a quite positive review I’ve read. And unfortunately it did not convince me.
    > Owl City : new EP alert. And guess what - some new tracks are nice, actually.

    Most played tracks:
    > Appointment in Samarra : I can understand why this is one of the most scrobbled PTS songs. I love the chorus and that guitar part.
    > Angel : I needed some tunes to center myself. And this Brightman track helps.
    > Simple And Sure : this is such a great song. I doesn’t get boring.

    > Steve Aoki’s new video is a nice tribute to “Breaking Bad”. “Free The Madness” teams him up with Machine Gun Kelly.
    > “Really Don’t Care” by Demi Lovato may come with a good message, but her music just doesn’t reach me. The video was shot at a Pride parade (or how that’s called). So expect lots of colors and crazy outfits.
    > Goldfrapp’s new video “Stranger” is a bittersweet masterpiece. You should watch it for yourself.
    > Yesterday’s BET Awards 2014 had Beyoncé as the big winner… once more. But who cares?

    New in the German charts:
    [07] Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) : are you kidding me? I think every other Jason Derulo single is better than this crap. But(t)… whatever.

  • The Writing’s On The Wall

    Giu 23 2014, 21:35

    last week saw me getting more into the groove of Glasvegas and Paul Thomas Saunders, who kind of make my soundtrack of June 2014.
    But that’s not all.

    Last week in covers:

    > Lana Del Rey : new album alert. I think it’s funny how many popular acts come up with short albums with trendy sounds, and she just does her own thing. A very long record with songs that can’t be put in the mainstream category.
    > Ferras : I’ve heard this artist got signed at Katy Perry’s label. And he also has a duet with her (on his self-titled EP). But tbh that’s the only convincing track to me.
    > Temples : Because of my radio work I happen to come across this band a lot. So I thought I should give their debut album a try. (Not yet finished.)
    > Katie Melua : I remembered my personal hype when I heard that she made an album with William Orbit. Back then I bought it, without knowing the songs (apart from “The Flood”), actually.


    Most played artists:
    > Glasvegas : see the next section.
    > Paul Thomas Saunders : There’s no denying for me that this is one of my breakthrough artists of 2014. But sill I haven’t figured out my favorite song… so far.
    > Ed Sheeran : new album alert. I’ve listened to “x”, and I think it’s quite as good as the “+”. But I’m afraid it’s not my cup of tea.

    Most played tracks:
    > Midnight : Yes, this certainly is on heavy rotation on my playlist. Can’t wait for the next Hadouken! tune. :)
    > I'd Rather Be Dead (than Be With You) : This sort of stands for all of the tracks on “Later...When The TV Turns To Static”, because apart from “Secret Truth” (which is my favorite track) I’m listening to the whole record.

    > Michelle Williams was joined by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland for a song/video called “Say Yes”. And it is so full of “Jesus” references, I can’t stand it.
    > Benny Benassi teams up with Gary Go for a Summer club banger called “Let This Last Forever”. However, the video is awful.
    > Capital Cities have a new video, too. And “One Minute More” also wants to give us Summer vibes - but with a little drama twist.
    > Coldplay went a bit crazy for the video to the Avicii-produced “A Sky Full Of Stars”. Though it looks fun, I expected something more magical. :P
    > “2B” is a new video by Frankmusik. Yes, another Frankmusik video. But I guess it’s more about the song, because the visuals are very basic.
    > Lady Antebellum’s “Bartender” video kind of makes the best of a mediocre song.
    > “Shades Of Cool” is another trippy Lana Del Rey video, that needs to be seen.
    > But before that you should watch the new video by OK Go. “The Writing’s On The Wall” is another masterpiece in the band’s videography. And I also like the song.
    > A “Greatest Hits Megamix” by a girl band that I don’t really know so well? Well, fans of The Saturdays should be pleased. Others might have fun recognizing references.
    > Robin Thicke’s new song/video “Get Her Back” is very underwhelming in almost every aspect.
    > So the people behind Michael Jackson’s comeback decided to also release the solo version of “Love Never Felt So Good” as a video. Why.. oh why… did they start with the duet version then?
    > “Suitcase”, the new video by Mary J. Blige, is better than one might expect after the first seconds. I like the combination of R’n’B and electronic elements.

    New in the German charts:
    [01] Prayer In C (feat. Robin Schulz) : This one reminds me of that “One Day” hit, because it’s about living the moment and accepting changes… or whatever. The tune is nice. And it fits the season.
    [08] Love Runs Out : I did not expect this OneRepublic song to get among the top ten. Well, it happened… obviously.

  • Stabilizher

    Giu 16 2014, 20:25

    this is a special Music Monday, because it happens to be my actual last.fm jubilation! Today marks the six anniversary of me being a member here. :)

    Last week in covers:

    > Chrissie Hynde : new album alert. “Stockholm” should please fans of The Pretenders, but she might not get too many new ones with mediocre tracks like this.
    > John Mayer : yay, I love me some mellow JM tunes for the freetime.
    > Lana Del Rey : new album alert. The new songs are quite promising judging from what I’ve heard.
    > Lykke Li : “I Never Learn” may not seem to be the best soundtrack to start a weekend, but I used it anyway.
    > The Antlers : new album alert. So far I’ve only heard bits from “Familiar”, but I am willing to listen to all of it.


    Most played artists:
    > Glasvegas : ooh, that’s quite a late find for me - because the album is almost a year old now. But “Secret Truth” is a brand new single. So that makes it up. And I love the sound of Glasvegas these days.
    > Paul Thomas Saunders : speaking of lovely sounds. I’m also amazed by this young artist, who has quite a unique style.
    > Linkin Park : new album alert. I’m still getting to know the new stuff, so I won’t be too quick with rating it.

    Most played tracks:
    > Secret Truth : wow, what a song. It surely will be part of my “best of 2014” playlist.

    > Who are The Vamps? And what’s the purpose of Demi Lovato’s feature part in a song/video like “Somebody To You”? Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s teen pop music.
    > A new KAZAKY video? Well, “The Sun” isn’t that noteworthy.
    > “Pills N Potions” by Nicki Minaj has a video now, and it’s pretty CGI-driven. Interesting choice for a comeback.
    > The new Linkin Park video for “Until It’s Gone” is no better than the actual Lyric Video. So why even producing it?
    > The most colorful pop music video of the week must be Frankmusik’s “Stabilizher”. And also the song is a bit catchy.
    > The 2014 MuchMusic Video Music Awards… ah, forget it. :P

    New in the German charts:
    nothing new, but Ed Sheeran’s “Sing” is among the top ten again.

  • Secret Truth

    Giu 9 2014, 21:13

    last week was good. I found some great new tunes. And this week looks promising, too.

    Last week in covers:

    nothing to show here this week :(


    Most played artists:
    > Volker Pispers : yeah, sometimes I enjoy political humor.
    > Wooden Peak : as part of my preparation for a radio show I did some research on their latest album “Polar”. The music is quite sophisticated and hard to label.
    > The Colourist : new album alert. “The Colourist” is a very nice debut album.

    Most played tracks:
    > We Won’t Go Home : oh, what a tune. So catchy. Love it.
    > Easy : put this in the category “song that surprisingly grew on me”. I didn’t expect that. :D
    > Forever Be : funny story. I wanted this to be the opening song of my last radio show, but I could not find it, because I was looking for “Rather Be” :P

    > 50 Cent finally released the collection of his ten singles… as album. And the new video for “Animal Ambition” could easily be from ten years ago. But it’s nice to have something that is not forced to be trendy.
    > The duet of Céline Dion and Ne-Yo has now a video, which is not that much “Incredible”. But it’s watchable. ^^
    > Jack White’s new video “Lazaretto” turned out to be quite epic.
    > “Show Me A Miracle” by Klaxons - a very colorful video btw. - sounds very pop-like. :)
    > New pop music nobody needs: “Crazy Stupid Love” by Cheryl Cole and Tinie Tempah. Horrible video - like a Beyoncé ripoff.
    > A new PSY single, that is more a Snoop Dogg song? And don’t get me started on the stupid video for “Hangover”, which is at least one minute too long. :D
    > OneRepublic might not be as cool as they may have been, but their music videos usually convince me. And “Love Runs Out” is no different. Fine visuals. :D
    > Contrast: The new Pixies video “Silver Snail” looks a bit more disturbing.
    > Ooh, Glasvegas’ new video “Secret Truth” is a must-see this week. Great work!

    New in the German charts:
    [08] Hideaway : ooh, now that’s a nice electro pop song. And the video features cool retro dance moves. :)

  • Monument

    Giu 2 2014, 21:32

    last week was one of those with two live broadcasts for me. And that kind of took much time to prepare all the features and playlists. But it’s fun. Not only do I feel more relaxed in the studio, I also get more experience with the music choice. (At least, I think so.)

    Last week in covers:

    > Broken Records : new album alert. I can recommend “Winterless Son” from “Weights and Pulleys”. It got me hooked.
    > Papercuts : new album alert. I’ve listened to “Life Among The Savages” and I find it okay. (Sorry, I’m just honest.)
    > Austin Mahone : new album alert. “The Secret” has only 9 tracks. And why isn’t “Banga! Banga!” on it? Whatever, the only acceptable song stays “What About Love”... and “Mmm Yeah” maybe.
    > Clean Bandit : new album alert. If you like “Rather Be”, you will probably dig “New Eyes”, too.
    > Blondie : watching the video for “Sugar On The Side” really did let the song grow on me. That and “I Screwed Up”, of course, because of the catchy tune.


    Most played artists:
    > Sam Smith : new album alert. “In The Lonely Hour” has a lot of ballads on it.
    > The Ready Set : new album alert. “The Bad & The Better” is pure teen pop - with one or two nice examples.
    > Frankmusik : it took me quite some time, but now I’ve listened to his latest record “By Nicole”. I was positively surprised how many songs I instantly liked. :P

    Most played tracks:
    > Monument : new (mini) album alert. That’s my favorite track from “Do It Again”. It’s epic and simple at the same time.

    > The FIFA World Cup is about to start next week, and I guess that gets referenced in the new video “Vengaboys 2 Brazil!”, which couldn’t be more silly.
    > Ariana Grande’s new video “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea… is okay.
    > “Love Is A Camera” is not the best choice for Sophie Ellis-Bextor to release as a single, but the video has beautiful visuals.
    > will.i.am seems to be stuck with his autotune sound. The new song with Cody Wise (who?) proves that. The video is funny, though.

    New in the German charts:
    nothing newsworthy

  • Let Me Down Gently

    Mag 26 2014, 18:52

    last week I was at a “mobile disco” event, which was nice but let me end up in some kind of “hackspace” (*wink*). And I also had my first 3 hour radio show, that was filled with tons of regular categories. I can’t wait for my next music-centered show.
    Well, and kind of all of that did not let me scrobble that much. Or in other news: I went back to some good ol’ classics.

    Last week in covers:

    > Hadouken! : I ended my last radio show with “Levitate”, and I would do it again. ;)
    > Lauren Aquilina : So as far as I know she only has two EPs - no album yet. And I’ve listened to the “Sinners” EP, which is good.
    > John Legend : His latest album “Love In The Future” has been on my list for months now. So I took a bit of my time to get to know the songs better. But so far only “Made To Love” stands out.
    > Cut Copy : Ah, this is my feel good party band. And their tunes are a fine indie pop mix.
    > Avril Lavigne : It’s been really a decade since she released her second album “Under My Skin” - and tbh her last proper record before she became a blonde party chick. Idk how her journey will continue. But I hope to get another one of those more ambitious albums.
    > Craig Armstrong : yep, the “In Time” score again. I wish there was an extended version of the theme. :)


    Most played artists:
    > Roxette : On Friday I was in the state of ambiguity about whether I might go out or not. So I decided to listen to this band. :P
    > Thirteen Senses : It’s funny how your memory of an album changes with time. Because I often refer to the acoustic versions and ballads on “Crystal Sounds” I sort of forget about the more upbeat tracks. :D
    > Garbage : I remember how strange it was to get to know their album “Bleed Like Me”, but I guess I grew on me. (At least some tracks did.)

    Most played tracks:
    > Run Baby Run : Yes, this one is a great and underrated Garbage track. If you don’t know it, check it out.
    > Perfect World : I really like this song from Gossip’s second album “A Joyful Noise”.
    > Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix) : For some time I had Ellie Goulding’s “Run Into The Light” EP in my playlist, but these days I’m really digging this remix on it.

    > Jason Derulo featuring Snoop Dogg in a song called “Wiggle” - a video for this could be good or silly. Now decide :D
    > Another strange collaboration happened with Within Temptation and Xzibit. “And We Run” comes off quite cheesy.
    > “All I Ever Need” is the new video by Austin Mahone, in which he addresses his fans. Nice, right?
    > In “One More Day (Stay With Me)” artist Example also created a story about... fans? ^^
    > Sam Smith went for a brave surprise in his new video “Leave Your Lover”. I guess, there will be some ramifications about the end.
    > Two new videos by Fall Out Boy continue their story/saga thingy. And one of them features Elton John - “Save Rock And Roll”.
    > The Kaiser Chiefs’ new video “Meanwhile Up In Heaven” looks odd, but sounds catchy.
    > The new La Roux video “Let Me Down Gently” is great - that’s all I can say. ;)
    > I guess the new Kylie video “Crystallize” has some connection to a charity, because it ends with lots of donation thanks.

    New in the German charts:
    [01] Traum : Oh, Cro is back. I haven’t heard the complete song yet, but I’m already wondering, if there is another catchy sample in it. ;)
    [03] Calm After The Storm : Oh, the country/folk/pop sensation from the Eurovision Song Contest. Could be worse, right?
    [05] Rise Like a Phoenix : This year’s Eurovision winner song. Why not?
    [07] Sing : I kind of saw this coming. I’m quite curious how Ed Sheeran’s new music will turn out. Based on this single their might be a slight step towards mainstream. :P
    [10] Au Revoir (feat. Sido) : Well, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t hear Sido in this song. But anyway… the video by Kim Frank is great. And yes, the song has its qualities, too.

  • We Exist

    Mag 19 2014, 20:13

    last week I listened to quite a lot of new music. So that’s what it’s about here...

    Last week in covers:

    > Blondie : new album alert. “Ghosts Of Download” has quite a mix of sounds to offer. From electro to folk elements. It almost sounds like the band wants to reinvent itself.
    > The Common Linnets : new album alert. This duo/band had quite a bit of success at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And the album should please everyone, who liked their performance. But I wouldn’t call it Country, though.


    Most played artists:
    > Coldplay : new album alert. And “Ghost Stories” is a fine treat for me, because I like melancholic tunes.
    > Kasabian : I have to admit, that I’ve never really listened to this band. Until last week. But now it’s like a new door has opened. And there is still so much to discover.
    > The Pains of Being Pure At Heart : new album alert. And so far I’m really digging their kind of Indie pop.

    Most played tracks:
    > Eez-Eh : Do yourself a favor and watch the “eez-eh” video. It’s amazing. And then watch it again and take notice of the lyrics. Music at its best.
    > Simple And Sure : This track also amazed me last week. What a tune. I’m quite happy to have come across this.
    > Bermuda Waterfall : I discovered this mellow track sort of accidentally.

    > To start with something ridicilous, take a look at the new Kazaky video. They really called the song “Magic Pie”. Expect silly lyrics galore. :P
    > Then there is the new quite moving video by Arcade Fire. “We Exist” features Andrew Garfield as struggling drag queen.
    > Speaking of drag - RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk” is her new video. And it couldn’t be more cliché.
    > fun. singer Nate Ruess sings the chorus in Eminem’s new video “Headlights”, which again tells a tale about his private life.
    > Okay, Kylie Minogue tries to do something different with her new song/video “I Was Gonna Cancel”, but the result still leaves me disappointed.
    > “Hugs” - the new video by The Lonely Island (featuring Pharrell Williams) - is fun.
    > What is it with M.I.A. that makes me like her so much? Even a video like the new “Double Bubble” comes off so much more authentic than the usual pop crap.
    > Nicki Minaj’s next single is called “Pills ‘N’ Potions”.
    > Jennifer Lopez will release a new album in June - “A.K.A.”.
    > The new album by Jason Mraz will come out in July - “Yes”.
    > The 2014 Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas yesterday. And the show was meh. Not only were the biggest names/winners not there, they even used their tour footage as performance clip. And not that I would care about the winners, who are mostly always the same names… Justin, Katy… yeah, those artists. And also most “live” performances were just too much effect without relevance. For instance, you could easily image Jason Derulo replaced by Chris Brown. And those football world cup songs - did they even differ?
    The only highlights were John Legend and Lorde. Their performances were about music. The other ones were just about hype.
    > Well, I don’t get the buzz about 5 Seconds Of Summer. Just look at their new video “Don’t Stop”. It’s pure teen pop (which not generally bad), but they try to be like Green Day…? Whatever.

    New in the German charts:
    [01] The One : She was clearly the best among the final contestants of “German Idol”. And so they gave her a catchy techno song, that was destined to become the new number one. Well, it all fits somehow, right?
    [06] A Sky Full of Stars : Tbh I really like the new Coldplay single, even though it looks like a strategy to have a song like this on the new album - just to please fans of the recent Coldplay singles. Well, I can live with it.