• Best Album of the YEAR!

    Ott 26 2013, 8:15

    It goes to Arcade Fire, after one listen... the mix, the songs, the production!!! WOW
  • Black Sabbath - 13

    Giu 6 2013, 7:15

    BEST ALBUM of the year and best surprise ever!
    You see so many bands reforming but with these guys.... :)
    Amazing stuff, shame for bill not being there, but the replacement is freakin awesome.....
    Simply amazing!!! Have a listen!!! :)
    Was born after their breakup.... that I can have a listen to this NOW!!!


    Black Sabbath
  • too bad for vinyl and cd

    Feb 16 2013, 7:09

    wish it would scrobble them too.... ;)
    well do much of my listening with these media.... :)
    Vinyl is Best!
  • The Mars Volta @ E-Werk Cologne (Setlist)

    Giu 25 2012, 22:02

    So., 24. Jun. – The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes
    What a show! Just gotta adore this band... :)


    Hope to see them again soon, too bad I can't be in Brussels tomorrow... It will be amazing I bet...
  • vintage hi-fi

    Ott 11 2011, 2:15

    seriously people!!!
    if you are on a short buget or you just don't want to spend a whole lot of cash....
    buy vintage!!!
    70's baby!!!! got some KEF Calinda Sp 1053 today!!!! SWEEEEET!!!
    Want some JBL's and some PIONEERS HPM 100.... maybe some tannoy ;)
  • sam brookes

    Set 23 2011, 12:20

    I only found out about him in the september issue of RifRaf in belgium. the flemish review was not all that great and supportive but from the first sentence of the frensh review you could notice that it was something very special... I went out and a aquired the album at my favorite record store the next day....
    his album hasn't left my cd player since I bought it a coule of days ago! And after quite a few listenings this album has gone to the top! best album this year!!!
    34 minutes is almost just an EP but what the hell... the best music that came out this year is from a certain someone from britain called sam brookes!! Thank you!!!
  • buy cd's or vinyl's

    Set 21 2011, 22:03

    seriously! if you have any kind of decent player, its worth the price! I just laugh at people who buy downloads... my laughter would never end.... buying downloads.... after 10 Albums you can afford a decent cd player (used) and you will notice the difference.... buy albums in physical form its GREAT!!! SAM BROOKES is GREAT!!! his album is out on helium records and I baught it today as a cd release as there was no vinyl! AMAZING! so much better than any mp3 shit! :)
  • rest in peace amy!

    Lug 24 2011, 5:16

    in contrast to all this bullshit soul and r'n'b she was real! so many artists did this style because it was financialy lucrative, amy was real!
    No other genre were it is more obvious if you are feeling what you play...
    she was the real deal in music! true soul and thats what the truely great are made of!
    thank you for two wonderfull LPs and great moments thanx to ya music!
    hope you found what you were looking for!!!
  • Warpaint @ Kulturkirche, Köln Nippes

    Lug 5 2011, 12:28

    Di., 28. Jun. – Warpaint

    Set Your Arms Down
    Baby (emily solo)

    Wonderfull Concert! Even better than expected, was my first time seeing warpaint live! Simply amazing! Will follow their progress for sure now... can't wait for a second album and a show with more songs!
    Kulturkirche as always is one hell of a place to see a concert. Just look it up, it's a church that is still is in use by it's religious community, the priest always welcomes the crowd before the show... ;)
    Wonderfull concert atmosphere in the church with a band like warpaint, that is able to create quite, danceable and amazing post-rock boom in one song! The set was well varried with new and older combined.... just loved instrument and vocals so much! It was a magic groove you got pulled into by these four amazing ladies! Thank for coming to Cologne and not Berlin for the only club show in germany! Forever gratefull that we had that oppertunity!
    If you haven't seen them, go see 'em! If you have, go again! (but you know that I guess)
    Best choice of drummer.... ever! ;) bass is amazing too!! If I had to name my favorite instruments of the evening, it would be those two! then again emily solo on "baby"... :) god they were soooo good! wish it never ended
  • Balthazar & Beat!Beat!Beat! @ AB

    Apr 26 2011, 15:03

    So., 24. Apr. – Balthazar

    Beat!Beat!Beat! really nice, sadly missed the fist song but very nice band... german foals is not that far from a valöid description...

    Balthazar...Simply Great!!! Different from the album with many little extras. the sound was rougher or rockier compared to the record released last year... worth a concert visit if you are wondering.. seriously great band, especially the violin parts with distortion and effects. Solid performance, much more proffessional then in 2008 when I saw them for the first time....
    They have a great future in store, new songs were slower less groovy but still these little middle and endparts of the songs are sipmply fantastic... have a listen, some vids on you tube.... http://www.youtube.com/user/Keizerpenguin


    I'll stay here
    Hunger at the door
    More ways
    Listen up
    There goes my girl
    Blues for rosann
    throwing a ball
    fifteen floors
    Any suggestion
    Blood like wine