Flattened pennies


Nov 5 2010, 0:00

I was a failed engineer.

I felt the movement of her,
rumbling through me, I
was tied to the tracks,
another victim of faulty brakes.
She had never known the
meaning of the word ‘whisper’,
every word a
piercing whistle,
steaming from coal-fed lips.
Someone else performed The
Great Train Robbery, settled
a heart I had no hope of

The Gaslight Anthem


  • WaQaS-91

    I initally read the title as 'Flattened Penises'

    Nov 5 2010, 17:50
  • fireinyourwords

    Haha, yess! Could almost make a band name out of that, but I think 'Slot Penis' works better

    Nov 6 2010, 17:31
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