Five synthpop cds I've burned for a friend this year


Ago 28 2006, 11:56

Depeche Mode - Songs played live in Copenhagen 2006-02-25:
A Pain That I'm Used To
2. John the Revelator
3. A Question of Time
4. Policy of Truth
5. Precious
6. Walking in My Shoes
7. Suffer Well
8. Damaged People
9. Home
10. I Feel You
11. Behind the Wheel
12. World in My Eyes
13. Personal Jesus
14. Enjoy the Silence
15. Shake the Disease
16. Just Can't Get Enough
17. Everything Counts
18. Never Let Me Down Again
Time: 78:38

Different Depeche Mode 1981-2001:
1. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
2. What's Your Name?
3. The Meaning of Love
4. A Photograph of You
5. Two Minute Warning
6. It Doesn't Matter
7. It's Called a Heart
8. Sometimes
9. It Doesn't Matter Two
10. New Dress
11. The Things You Said
12. I Want You Now
13. To Have and to Hold
14. Nothing
15. Blue Dress
16. Clean
17. Judas
18. Sister of Night
19. I Feel Loved
20. I Am You
Time: 79:25

electriXmas 2005 and four Swedish bands I know:
1. Leaving Earth (Universal Poplab radio version)
2. Why must i die
3. Poisonous Friend
4. Nuit blanche
5. This Shit Will Fcuk You Up
6. Blister (Singel)
7. Alphamenschen
8. I'm Your Enemy
9. Dog
10. Without You
11. Deliver your love
12. Transformer
13. La Vérité
14. Blut Royale
15. My Twisted Heart
16. Radiosüchtig
17. Jaguar
18. Gloria
Time: 79:10

The history of synthpop (part I) 1976-2002:
1. The Model
2. Oxygene (Part IV)
3. Enola Gay
4. Fade To Grey
5. Vienna
6. Don't You Want Me?
7. Photographic (Some Bizzare Version)
8. Only You
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Blue Monday
11. What Is Love
12. A Victory of Love
13. The Sun Always Shines on TV
14. Sometimes
15. Der Mussolini
16. Legion
17. Dead Stars
18. until the end of world
Time: 78:35

The history of synthpop (part II) 1980-2006:
1. Underpass
2. Cambodia
3. City of Night
4. Dansande man
5. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
6. Hit That Perfect Beat Boy
7. Bolero (Hold Me in Your Arms)
8. The Promise
9. Welcome to Paradise
10. Shame
11. Try To Forget (Radio-Forg-Edit)
12. Watching You
13. Astro Girl
14. Up Against It
15. Deine Augen
16. Captain, My Captain
17. Private Machine
18. Modern Impact
19. Silent Emotions
20. Hateworld
21. Ankan
Time: 79:24
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  • Supersonic1425

    yay, thermostatic & disco digitale! don't suppose you could recommend any other bands like those?

    Feb 26 2007, 17:03
  • fernbom

    Try: Welle:Erdball (synthpop/bitpop/NDW/EBM) Slagsmålsklubben (bitpop) Pluxus (bitpop) Trans-X (synthpop/italo) Scotch (italo) Ken Laszlo (italo) Code 64 (futurepop/bitpop) Jeans Team (synthpop/bitpop) Rational Youth (synthpop) Auto-Auto (synthpop) None of these artists sound exactly like Thermostatic & Disco Digitale, but some songs are quite close, and I think you'll like most of them! Disco Digitale's album was my favourite album of 2006, and their concert in August was my favourite concert by a Swedish artist in 2006! BTW, doesn't Disco Digitale's pronunciation of digital as diggital sound weird to an English speaking person? :)

    Feb 26 2007, 21:55
  • Supersonic1425

    thanks! i already know slagsmålsklubben and code 64, both of which i recently discovered and so far love. i'll be sure to check out the others ps haha, yeah it does. at first i didn't even know they were saying digital. when i figured it out i laughed out loud. it's awesome - i think english speakers should pronounce it that way. i'd LOVE to see them live, as well as thermostatic. maybe i should move to sweden, it seems like there are loads of great synthpop-type bands there and opeth in fact opeth is reason enough and diablo swing orchestra mmmmmm

    Feb 26 2007, 22:27
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