• A Swing and a Prayer

    Nov 3 2009, 2:27

    On saturday night (Hallowe'en, if you're checking dates), The Moonlighters were playing -- decidedly my favorite local band. Their music is, umm, "interesting" in the classical sense.

    Heading to The Living Room in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, we were entertained by the early-evening variety of goblins and such. We were glad that the band was playing early, as this cuts down on the rowdy college kids, gets us better seats, and faster table service.

    Luckily, we showed up early to a ... Ukulele Fiesta! While we were prepared for slide guitar, hawaiian undertones, and Bliss Blood's wonderful uke skills, we were treated to an extra hour.

    The Moonlighters seem to change up the band periodically, with Bliss' sweet vocals and Uke mastery as the base, however Bliss & Crew never seem to miss. Though the new (Texan!) guitarist amusingly flubbed a line (misspoke "hooker", instead of "hoofer" -- though both are common sights in the city), the music was pleasant and fun.

    Walking home -- only about 10:30PM -- we were once again treated to goblins -- but of a decidedly racier sort (the costumes get randier in the evenings here).

    A pleasant saturday evening out -- costumes, some beer, and (yes) ukuleles ....
  • Always On A Sunday

    Ago 30 2009, 21:04

    Checking into my (very) retro past with "Never On A Sunday" while listening to some Herb Alpert. Checking on the date, this single is reportedly from March of 1970. That'd make me 6 years old.

    They say that the sense of smell is the strongest -- bringing back the strongest recollections of any of the senses. I must demur -- one's sense of rhythm certainly must rank up there as well ....

    (and if not rhythm, then just toe-tappin' goodness)
  • Feeling .... Blues?

    Ago 21 2009, 0:29

    In NYC, the (vastly under-rated, and now I'm screwed for next year) "Blues & BBQ" is on sunday. I'm turning out on Sunday with my secret stash of bourbon and water (which gets through the gates nicely if put in a Nestea bottle) for none less than .... Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater.

    I sent a shout-out to a bunch of friends to all hook up at 4:30 -- to mix some beer and BBQ (I'm looking forward to Daisy Mae's) before we settle down on the blanket.

    Listening, most recently, to some Luther Vandross, which .... just ain't doing it for me. Maybe tonight, for mood, I'm going to drop in some Buddy Guy (because I was talking to my friend in Chicago last night) and get ready for some serious guitar torturing BLUES ....
  • Everything new is old again ....

    Ago 7 2009, 22:55

    I'm listening to "Asleep At The Wheel" -- their "Cherokee Maiden" album. I'm not sure where I heard of them (I believe it was the "1920's and 1930's Jazz" group, but I couldn't vouch for that); and thoroughly enjoying the honky-tonk undertones, the rolling piano, and proper use of a fiddle.

    With "AATW", and bands like "The Moonlighters" (a NYC local Hawaiian jazz band) -- I'm realizing that these classic sounds aren't going away. They're just getting better. The old scratchy tunes are fading away to digital clarity.

    Anyone who sings about Tulsa is ok with me.
  • Syncopation Coordination

    Ago 6 2009, 22:14

    Maybe I was too harsh on Deedee Bridgewater -- but maybe not (though I see my grammar and spelling are atrocious).

    Just joined the "1920s and 1930s Jazz" group, and listening to their channel -- sweeeeeet. Boppin' to Edward Kid Ory.

    I guess I wasn't too harsh on Deedee.
  • Ugh! "Jazz"

    Ago 5 2009, 1:48

    If I have to hear Deedee Bridgewater passed off as "Jazz" once more, I'm going to hurl. No, seriously, I don't what she plays -- but it ain't jazz, it's noise. (And she's a DJ on one of my favorite OTA stations ....)