• FBi All Ages gig at Annandale Hotel

    Lug 14 2009, 13:03

    Sun 12 Jul – Save FBi!

    Sooooo! the FBi gig.... I got there about 12:30 midday and saw the last two songs of Sierra Finn, pretty cool dudes the singer looks some other dude (musician) that i can't put my finger on at this moment. anyways, the last two songs were alright, the sound was pretty well mixed and the acoustics on the guitar was excellent. The snare and high hat could have been turned down a bit because it was a bit loud when he did some smashes, the cute little Ben Folds trick (standing on the keyboard) was kinda of kringeworthy but not too bad, overall since i only saw last two songs they were alright, that last piano solo was pretty bad though...

    Next, the Bennisons, these dudes made me depressed because they are like my age and they are in a band and im not, mega-lame. For there age they were pretty hot, not a fan of their music too much but they had catchy riff and good sounds. the bass and drummer was hot and the singer was quite confident on guitar and vox,good stage presence, the one thing i was upset was that the dude with the tele felt like just a side dish yeah he added voicing's over the chord progressions but i was screaming for him to rock out a mad hybrid major minor on his axe but i didn't happen... well it kind of did when he did that weird scratchy thing on his guitar and broke the top string... "that was okay... he needs to work on it some..." (liam lynch anyone). i heard the top string of his axe broke, which is pretty cool, hope he has a mad scar to show the babes... but apparently he was new or something and had only two days to prepare so that was a pretty good performance in such short notice... i know how nervous you can get on stage so congrats to all of them for stage presence. the one thing i really dug was when the singer stepped on some reverb and drenched his axe in some surfy twang... the lame thing about the performance was when he said "stop fixing your fringes"... firstly it was trrue and kinda funny, but i don't have a fringe and wtf he had his fingers through his hair the majority of the time anyway! and the second thing that was lame was the "yeah boyzzz" comments he added in between songs must be an inside joke....laaame but hey he was attractive, he'll go far...i mean.. they...nah they will they are all good musicians.

    next.. tom ugly, alright...they one the triple j contest for high school blah... anyway they didn't really look like they were in high school, they were pretty hot performers but i aint into the music that much at all... good guitar sound and drums was okay... singer was pretty into it, but he kept looking at me. wtf! dont make me uncomfortable... Bassist was pretty hot loooking, one bad thing was her knee high boots that looked a bit suede, she should have just gone bare foot, it would;ve made her much hotter...

    next! Cloud Control....excellent, the drummer was good, bassist was charismatic and a major plus was when he asked for more sound in the bass and the sound guy said no, and he said "nah i think we need more sound definitely". it showed he knew what he was doing. it was a cool mini passive aggressive argument. The Singer was quite hot in both sense, he was always looking at me and i have a really awkward stance when i listen to music which was uncomfortable but cool... love the beany and when it feel off too.. the female was good looking.. kind of reminded me of my economics teacher/socccer coach which was totally not cool at all!! she had an excellent synth sound...like fucking excellent... loved it to the max!!! only negative was i always thought they sang the song "Hey now now", but i just found out that was written by Cloud Room...oops so i was a bit dissapointed when they didn't play it, but now i understand!

    Sorry for long review, i am bored listening to The Hard Ons and Ty Segall's collaboration with Mikal Cronin... Get that shit fast... Overall the gig was pretty sweet, i was going to stay home and get drunk on boredom but then i decided to not be a social recluse!!! It was a good decision, also meet a group of attractive ptitsa's..(don't get too big headed gals).. I would give it a
    7/10, i didn't know the bands that were playing so i couldn't really get into the music but if i did know them and i did like they're music it would have been better!!

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    is it just me or does Sierra FIns album cover look like a penis?

    Sierra Fin, The Bennisons, Tom Ugly, Cloud Control