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Dic 28 2005, 1:48

I'm kinda bored, so here's my list of musical discoveries of 2005 - in no particular order, except for the last one. ^^

Jude Cole
I discovered his music over my love for Kiefer Sutherland and the (kind of confusing) movie "Truth Or Consequences, N.M.". Hell, I even changed my screen name to the title of one of his songs. *g* A pity he's mainly producing nowadays.

Rocco DeLuca
Incidentally, I also discovered this artist over my love for Mr. Sutherland. I heard about him a couple of days ago and checked out his album at iTunes. Five minutes later, I had bought the whole (virtual) cd.

The Contes
This actually includes all of Steve Contes solo projects. I loved his voice since I first heard the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks in early summer.

I just love how the guys mix the best of several genres. Every song sounds different, from hauntingly beautiful to very experimental. And then there's the singer's voice, I think I'd recognize it everywhere. Too bad I missed their gig in Berlin earlier this year.

Kings of Convenience
One night earlier this year I saw the video to "I'd rather dance than talk with you" on MTV and instantly was hooked. I can't help but smile if I listen to their songs.

I have to admit that I'm still working on understanding their lyrics, but hey, there's no better feeling than that of finally understanding what the words to one of your favorite songs actually mean. *g* Egotrippi's songs are really catchy and make me go wheee!

Same as above; I don't understand half of what they're singing about. Still, there's something about their music that makes me want to listen to their songs over and over again. Too bad it's very unlikely that they'll ever be coming to Germany.

Much like with KoC I discovered them by catching their video to "What else is there?" late one night on MTV (that's basically the only time you can watch music television without having to fear scary things like pop idol or Tokio Hotel). I was so intrigued by the woman in the video that I had to have the whole album. First, I was a bit disappointed, because I normally don't listen to music like that, but after I had played their cd a couple of times it really grew on me, very beautiful and calming songs.

Yoko Kanno
This woman is a genius. And she's into jazz, what more can you wish for? I only discovered her this spring, along with Steve Conte, and for weeks and weeks, her music would be the only one I'd listen to. Hooray for Cowboy Bebop!

Poets of the Fall
Well, what can I say? These guys are the best thing that - from a musical point of view - ever happened to me. I'm serious, if you haven't yet, listen to one of their songs. I've had the pleasure to see them perform live and it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. The lyrics, the singer's voice, the compositions: everything's perfect. I can hardly wait for their second album to be released.


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