musical triggers


Apr 19 2008, 19:27

just a few tracks that come up on shuffle and the first, or most dominant, memory brought to mind.

That One Pop Gem
driving home from lauren's place in denton on 35. 2006, i guess. this was my favorite scientist song for a while.

sophomore year of high school (2003-4), sitting in front of my computer trying to drown out noise. jelly beans...

days of the evboard, reading off-topic threads on music. many people pointed out this song in particular, and that's when i downloaded my very first pumpkins song. i think the next day i went to b&n and bought Greatest Hits (Rotten Apples).

Tune Up #2
"ho ho ho"
"benny! (shit!)"
"dudes, i'm on my way"
"great! (fuck!)"
"i need the RENT"
mostly i guess reminds me of driving in the car (or riding in the bus) listening to disc one. i often quote the lyrics(?) out of the blue, which makes for great conversation. heavy rotation- probably 2005, especially in preparation for the big (awful*) movie.

well, being in arkansas, for one. for two, back in my old room at night with Thirteenth Step in the.....3-disc changer stereo...... this song coupled with Lullaby following it kinda gave me the creeps.

i heard a musician or songwriter say in an interview his purpose for making music was to trigger personal thoughts or memories from past times. i think that's really cool, and quite accurate. if only i could remember who said it! was it BONO??

*it's really not that awful, I just like to poke fun.

Edit 2/3/2009
** actually, it is.


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