This Mix Is Called I Have No Money, Or "I'm A Bad Tripper" (my first mix tape)


Nov 12 2007, 19:28

November 7 I finally got up off of my ass and bought a cassette player/recorder. Only this is not just any cassette player/recorder, it's a boombox that can record from CD AND radio. I bought it and left with about $.30 left in my checking account. Phew, that was a tough week.

Sony CFD-F10 CD/Radio/Cassette Corder

So the minute I got home and situated, I began compiling my very first mix tape. Fuck CDs. I live for the Side A and B. Here's what came out:

Side A
1. Roller Coaster
2. 5-4=Unity
3. Sister Golden Hair
4. Sundown
5. It's Now or Never
6. Lake Shore Drive
7. First Breath After Coma
8. Friendly Fire

Side B
1. Juan Loco
2. Broadway Hotel
3. Real Love
4. Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
5. Your Band Controls The Weather ( discovery!)
6. It Fit When I Was A Kid
7. Energy Fools the Magician
8. Dialogue
9. What Is Life


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    Thumbs up for tapes!!! Mixtapes kick ass!

    Dic 26 2007, 20:02
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