• stupid stupid scrobbler

    Mag 21 2009, 0:14

    darnsits it's not scrobbling anymore!!! WHY DOES IT DO THIS TO ME ALL THE TIME?? I RELY ON THIS DARNSITS... I guess I'll reinstall the scrobbler :/
  • stupid scrobbler

    Dic 14 2008, 0:29

    does not scrobble my plays :'(
  • Miley Cyrus

    Lug 19 2008, 4:47

    i'm listening to See you again by miley. surprisingly, i am always happy to hear this on the radio. idk why. that along with that other song about kissed a girl. they're similar; all pop-y and whatnot.

    in other news (but not really) i hated that whole vanity fair "scandal" with miley. mostly how she was so annoying and said that anne leibovitz tricked her into posing with a bare back. like no oh, we're all going to die. seriously, that picture of her in those tight black pants are more disrupting to daily life than a bland photo of her. that said, Anne is definitely not my favorite fashion photographer. hm. however i do think that controversial picture of Miley is probably the best picture of Miley i've ever seen.

    le end.

    but not quite; miley is pretty awesome considering she should be an inspiration to us all: no talent, ugly, short, bad sense of style, not too smart, and yet successful and admired. wow.
  • Music Ratings not accurate

    Ott 22 2007, 21:36

    Considering the fact that my computer crashed, my iPod got stolen, and the only songs i've been playing are from my laptop (like, 200 songs) since this (good) computer has been crashing and being retarded for the past few days, and when it finally worked and i started re-building my library, the stupid "scrobble" thing wouldn't scrobble, saying my time clock/ time zone was incorrect, neither of which was. In fact, my Country was incorrect. I had not chosen a country, and as soon as I chose US, it started scrobbling on this computer. So, as you can see, this thing is not very accurate yet. But i think that it will be. ok. yeah blah blah blah. blah de blah. ;]