a dirty electric guitar solo a dry recording sound a gravelly male vocalist a highly synthetic sonority a prominent saxophone part a slow moving bass line a subtle use of vocal harmony a variety of synth sounds a vocal-centric aesthetic acoustic rhythm piano affected synths aleksi eeben an electric bass riff an electric guitar solo an instrumental arrangement an overall meditative sound an unintelligible vocal delivery anamanaguchi beats made for dancing better than radiohead better than radiohead songs busy beats casiocore casionova chiptune chiptunes chromatic harmonic structure crime in choir demanding instrumental part writing doom metal downtempo electric guitar riffs electric guitars electric pianos electric rhythm guitars electric rock instrumentation electronic music emo emotional hardcore emphasis on instrumental performance extensive vamping filter house filtered house french house headnodic beats heavy electric rhythm guitars heavy instrumental improvisation heavy use of white noise house intricate melodic phrasing inventive instrumental arrangements jungle layered electric guitar riffs light drum fills light synth fx major key tonality math rock max tundra metal meter complexity mild rhythmic syncopation minor key tonality mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation new age aesthetics new age roots paired vocal harmony prevalent use of groove prominent organ prominent use of synth punk influences random repetitive melodic phrasing rock rock influences rudy adrian rushjet1 stay ali straight drum beats subtle use of arpeggiated synths subtle use of noise effects subtle use of white noise synth riffs synth swoops synthetic sonority the capricorns the subtle use of lo-fi samples the use of chordal patterning the use of experimental sounds thru composed melodic style trippy soundscapes unsyncopated ensemble rhythms unusual vocal sounds use of ambient synths use of modal harmonies use of odd meter use of tonal harmonies varying tempo and time signatures vocal duets volta do mar wesley willis