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Giu 8 2010, 12:45


  • PimD

    Any chance you can also make a merge tool? My library is starting to look like crap, with stuff like 1) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 2) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Disc 1) 3) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (CD2) appearing everywhere. It would be awesome if you could make a tool which would work like this: 1) Select: Artist 2) Select: Album 1 3) Select: Album 2 4) Select: Merge as... (options are the titles selected at step 2 and step 3). A similar tool for tracks would be great too, to merge misspelled scrobbles which have not been auto-corrected etc. This would allow me and tons of other scrobbles to merge crap in our libraries, which would probably also result in better overall data for Last.FM to use.

    Ago 7 2010, 19:31
  • tYhJyYsRuLeS

    I'd like such a tool as described by PimD as well!!!!

    Dic 9 2010, 22:32
  • evilrix

    We will look into this but there are constraints our end that mean this may not be as trivial as it would initially seem. Thanks for the great idea.

    Dic 10 2010, 9:26
  • lincolnp75

    Same thing with artists. 1) Korn 2) KoЯn

    Lug 17 2011, 23:02
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