story time. circa 2004:


Set 25 2010, 3:00

anyway: the story goes as such. i'm a sap. i've always been a sap. i'm also naive as hell at times when it comes to women and am overly nice. that said: i met this girl at a show in chicago. she's living in detroit. we had mutual friends, but only talked on the internet. we started dating. blah blah blah. 3 months later, she's like, i'm feeling awful, depressed, having a bad night. i thought. well. i'm going to take a 7 hour train ride and surprise her at work. so i took a train to detroit... and it was about noon, and she was at work... and i of course, it was supposed to be cool out (like 50's), so i took a decent jacket... and 120 bucks... i walked 11 miles from the train station to her work. with a winter jacket. and a heavy backpack. in detroit no less. i showed up at her work at about 430... when she gets off at 5, and she was pissed that i surprised her. unhappy that i was there... i was like, well. do you want to do something tonight? so we went to a goth club. she dropped me back off at my hotel room. she's like, i'll talk to you tomorrow. i call her at noon, about this time i realize i lost my wallet. yeah, i can't take a train without an ID. and i have nothing. i also have no money. i'm also starving. she doesn't pick up. i sit in a cafe till about 4... i decide, fuck this, i know she lives with her mom and stepdad's, and i know where she lives...

and lucky for me, i have an amazing memory for directions and images. so i start walking, and walking, and walking. 14 miles to westland. and i knock on the door. her parents come to the door, and i talk to them, i tell them I met her on the internet, and that we didn't know each other and it was kinda a lie on how we all met and some of my history, and past, and that was mostly at her behest... and they're like, well. this is weird. she was hanging out with her ex-boyfriend all day long, and we aren't very happy with you either right now either. i don't know why she would have told you that. her parents really didn't like me in particular (epic christians... now, this makes the fact that she's done porn epically funny.)... and i'm like, i'm starving, i haven't eaten all day. they feed me a bit of food. and they were like, we won't let you sleep here. we're going to call amanda, and she'll take you to the military recruitment station (i was scheduled to be deployed into the navy at one point and time) to get an ID so i can get on a train to go home, and you can sleep... they're all like, you can't stay here, we would rather you not be in our home ever again. they get amanda on the phone, she starts screaming, telling me i'm not allowed to be there, what am i doing, i'm going to ruin her life, blah blah blah. she gets to the house, waits outside, and i'm walking to the car door, open it up. close it. sit in there rather dejected. tired. pretty much mentally and physically drained. and she opens up. screams at me the entire way. an about halfway to the recruitment station she stops the car. still screaming, and starts calling the cops saying that there's a stranger in her car and i'm trying to hurt her. i get out, and think. oh god, this is going to look awesome. so, i call her mom... and her stepdad comes and picks me up. and says, you can't sleep in our house. but you can sleep in our garage, we have a couch there. next morning, i get an id from the recruitment office, and go to the train station with my return ticket. go home. never speak to her again. last i heard from my friends was that she ditched doing softcore porn for her website ( for more hardcore works, got back together with her ex-boyfriend... my wallet came back to me in the mail about 6 weeks later. some nice soul tossed it in the mailbox. thank you, wonderful soul.

also: i did not end up joining the navy.


  • arilitt

    But in the Navy you can sail the seven seas

    Set 27 2010, 4:27
  • murderxthexcase

    this sounds like something that happened to me. not exactly the same, but certainly could have been somewhat similar had i not realised that the girl was fucking with my head.

    Set 27 2010, 23:31
  • evesummernight

    see. in the navy, i would have 15 different strains of syphilis by now.

    Set 29 2010, 21:41
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