top 10 -- first, love, current


Dic 16 2008, 22:37

Got this idea from PortDawg605's recent journal:

Write the top 10 artists from your page. Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and current favorite song.

1 Medeski, Martin and Wood
First: Bubblehouse
Love: Note Bleu
Current: Anonymous Skulls

2 Groove Collective
First: End Transmission
Love: ^
Current: Triage - still the best

3 Xploding Plastix
First: The Snarling Amble feat. Eek & Mouse - hooked on that drum track, and "lyrics"
Love: ^
Current: Sports, Not Heavy Crime - nice gritty build up

4 BT
First: Love On Haight Street
Love: Somnambulist
Current: The Only Constant Is Change

5 Amon Tobin
First: Natureland - first, love, and current really
Love: ^
Current: The Killer's Vanilla

6 The Cinematic Orchestra
First: All Things
Love: ^
Current: To Build A Home

7 Jamiroquai
First: Virtual Insanity - doy
Love: Picture of My Life
Current: King for a Day

8 Stevie Wonder
FIrst: Isn't She Lovely - who knows though, really; i was very young
Love: For Once in My Life - unbelievable groove, gives me chills and makes me do the "ooo!" face
Current: What Christmas Means to Me - never wears off. heard first on the Elf soundtrack

9 Herbie Hancock
First: Chameleon
Love: ^
Current: Wiggle Waggle & This Is Rob Swift

10 Banana Bread - hey, i know, shut up
First: Skinny Dipping
Love & Current: unreleased ;)

explore n enjoy!


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