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My main recent interests and obsessions have been Mycology, not only does the toxicity and immobilising properties of certain molds that also have amazing anti angiogenic and anti carcinogenic properties fascinate me i also like to put time aside for my hobby of cultivating certain species of mushroom. The interest in biology does not stop there as i have a healthy interest in the workings of the human mind. The Peripheral nervous system and the Limbic System and it's sensitivity to both naturally occurring hormones and synthetic chemicals is as fascinating as it is vital to understand. The actual mechanisms of the mind is one thing but consciousness and self awareness is something that is subjective and abstract but is obviously directly linked. The variations of the environment and physical structure and the changes in subjectivity experience it brings is what i like to explore. To do this and for it to actually mean anything means this all has to be coupled with a healthy interest in chemistry and luckily i have that. My favorite chemical structure is that of a psychoactive tryptomine known commonly as bromo-dragonfly but alpha methyltriptamine is attractive enough for me to acquire, i can look at it under a microscope along with the spores i can not cultivate. I like to see what happens if you do a lot of something not many people have done a lot of,what you see now is the results. I like outsider music and need help to integrate with society again.



Nought, Infinity, Darkness, Nowhere

Salix Alba

My super-eclectic score is currently


According to the Koran, Rotherham will soon devolve into a primordial soup of kebab packaging:

Yea, verily, there will be a mighty conflagration, and the nonbelievers shall be consumèd, and much sex will ensure, more sex than you can possible imagine, nay, more still, involving animals of various weights, and the wolf shall lie with the cub. (20:59)

The meaning of this statement remains highly contested, having at one time led to the Fourth War in Iraq, known colloquially as The 2014 Great Bunker-Buster Wank-Off. Ever-apt, Wilde reflected (following a night out in Rotherham's typhus-infested clubbing district), ‘Me an m’a bird wo comin aat, an it worall jus’ feghtin – Naa mate, I in’t pissed up, Naa, propa neva reght – s’tha’ lookin’ at ma bird?’

Now then son, girlfriends are like colds, everybody gets em from time to time, sometimes you can shake them in a couple of days, sometimes it can take fucking weeks. They can stop you having a good time, they can stop you from going to the pub, you can even catch diseases cos you've got one but if her nose starts running it means she's full.


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