Nov 10 2006, 9:10

I will also say I almost wanted to freaking kick myself in the head for not bringing the camera I was in such a rush.

First things, first. This show was the apparently first sold-out one. I texted my cousin, "I'm going to see Rachael Yamagata tonight!!" She immediately called me back saying how the show in Houston bored her to tears and disappointed her, and she left early. I SAW NONE OF THAT TONIGHT. IT WAS FREAKING CRAZY, especially toward the end. There was a point I considered leaving, but that was mainly cause I was starting to get tired of standing up and getting back pain.

First girl who sang: Sara Barielles. So I've NEVER bought an EP in my life at a concert after hearing someone for the first time, but I swarmed all over that stand after the concert. Incredible charisma, GREAT sense of humor, and a very strong and gorgeous voice. She opened with Love Song, and later sang a great (and incredibly cool) cover of Genie in a Bottle. She was a *definite* crowd pleaser. This girl is going to do very well if she keeps this shit up.

She was followed by Jonah Matranga. Jonah, I'm sorry. I know you REALLY got into your music, but your stuff wasn't that memorable. You did do a great cover of a Jackson 5 song. But that's all I remember. But I really couldn't secretly wait until you left the stage. But I know you had good intentions.

Jim Bianco was next. Jim Bianco was so freaking cool. I don't really dig that kind of music, but Jim really had the greatest and funkiest energy out of anyone on the stage. (He even freaking brought everyone on tour to perform on the floor in the middle of the audience ---OMFG THEY WERE MERE INCHES RIGHT NEXT TO ME AND BECAUSE OF THAT I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER JIM BIANCO. YOU MADE MY JAW FUCKING DROP WHEN I SAW RACHAEL YAMAGATA like right next to me---.

I think Cary Brothers was next. I managed to meet him and get his autograph over the show. I mentioned him how I saw him on tour a year and a half ago (jeez, what a long time ago!) with Aqualung. When I first saw him, he was all lonesome with his guitar. They managed to get a band together for Blue Eyes at that concert. I remember thinking, poor guy. I mentioned how it was so different to actually for him to have back up and a band now! Apparently when he toured with Aqualung, he told me that was his first tour -- like ever. He's apparently grown in popularity, but I think I'm still gonna stand by the fact that he really needs people behind him. He does well with just his guitar, but not nearly as some of the other acts played tonight who were just tremendous.

Then came a girl I saw who was freaking channeling the girlfriend in the movie Orange County (actually, it turns out IS her). So besides thinking "Orange County" the whole entire time Schuyler Fisk played, her singing style totally channeled Jewel. She had that whole guitar, good-natured face, sound thing going on. I actually really liked one of her songs called "Lying to You" but I didn't see it on her EP so I didn't buy it.

Joshua Radin freaking looked tired, dude. He was a very good performer, even if his stuff tends to be really mellow. I met him later after the show as well. I also finally figured out why I like Sundrenched World so much. According to him the song is about - "Have you ever helped someone through their journey of life, and then they get better, and then they go 'see you later?'" *BINGO* Thank you for summing up my past year and half!! No wonder I like that song so much. He was very cool about admitting about how all his songs are depressing (I always get a kick of when mellow artists admit that)... even if they aren't depressed all the time.

And then. Rachael Yamagata. Rachael. Fucking. Yamagata. She gave me a hug after the show. I turned around and I saw her and I think I squealed, and then she squealed back, and we both just kind of hugged and she squealed "You're so cute!" and the only thing I could utter was "I LOVE YOU!" (I might have said "fucking" in there, I'm not sure, I just remember squealing to be honest). And let me just say. RACHAEL YAMAGATA IS FUCKING GORGEOUS. Like, stunning. Blessed with beauty and talent! What pact did you make with the devil? Anyways she sand this *awesome* acapella song with a little kicker at the end "So hold your dear one tight, treat them kind.... and keep one eye open at night." Something like that. She also sang Be Be Your Love and The Reason Why. She's also working on her second album (which. I. am. so. buying.). She was so fantastic live LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE.

Anyways toward the end the crowd was crazy (or maybe just me and that weird drunk guy to the right of me). But I was totally digging all of this shit. The audience seriously didn't care who was on stage anymore.

Brett Dennen, apparently, from the show the night before, sang this great little number as the last song. I'm sure no one in that audience had ever heard of him before. And he had this chubby-faced look, but man, he could perform! I was surprised. I'm definitely gonna check out more of his stuff.

Austin knows how to bring a freaking crowd, that's for sure.


  • mr_orange_ringo

    I had no idea there were gonna be so many people! The line was insane. Honestly, I didn't even try too hard to get in, there was no way. I'm so disappointed, especially now after reading this. Sounds like you had a great time.

    Nov 10 2006, 18:24
  • dystemper

    i just discovered brett dennen. i was at the theatre, and his song the one who loves you the most was used in a commercial. i haven't stopped listening to that guy since. ain't no reason is my favourite song today.

    Nov 14 2006, 21:28
  • bluenay21

    this was one show I missed... I live 9 hours away and since no one was willing to make the trip with me, or stay at my aunt's (hmm), I had to forget about it, your review sure makes me regret it a lot more!

    Mag 3 2007, 19:16
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