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hey I'm Kimberly but well i have lots of other nicknames given to me by my buddy friends, but yeah you all can call me whatever you all want.

theses are just some random things about me......
> shy at first but then when you get to know me lets just say I'm not that quiet. xD
> open minded and doesn't give a shit about what people think
> very protective of friends and doesn't like it when they mess around with them
> can't stand shit talkers
> understanding and doesn't judge
> random at times
> loves to party and have fun
> weird but loves to eat vegetables
> doesn't eat meat cuz when i eat it i start to think about the poor animal that i'm about to eat :[
> a lover not a fighter but when i need to i fight for the ones i love
> act childish sometimes [not talking about maturity but i love to act like a 5 year old]
> can not stand the smell or look of mustard
> is distracted very easily
> believes that everyone has a stalker
> hate insects just can't stand them
> can't move on that fast, i need my time to recover from the issues going on in my life
> loves skittles [taste the rainbow]
> addicted to gum, can live without it i gotta have something in my mouth at all times lol
> has problems sleeping some times so i go out in the middle of the night for some walk to clear my mind and just calm down
> and well the last thing is that i fall in love very fast even though i always try to prevent that from happening <3

theses are some of my best buddies......
- damagingfish--- i feel like i can tell him anything, i trust him very much, very understanding, and well he is just awesome. he helps me when i need help and listens to me when i need him. thanks a lot fish *hugs*

- JohnWall-11--- he is a cool person to talk to and is also very sweet.

- zachyyyy--- he is very understanding and awesome, he has very soothing way of talking to you when you need him.

- stasak--- a funny person to argue with i mess with him a lot but he knows that thats how i play around with him and he well does the same thing back lol :D

- ItsWhatIDo--- he is an awesome guy to talk to and also very understanding, i love talking to him cuz well he is adorable. xD he has helped me get through some things and i really appreciate that. thanks buddy :D *hugs*

- john_is_puffing--- he is a very hug able and very cute to talk to. :)

- BluntLikeObject--- he is like my counselor he gives me great advice and helps me when i need to be helped :)

- KrestianLUNb0--- an awesome loving guy who makes me laugh and have fun talking to him :). he is my nocturnal sweet loving awesome buddy friend xD

- marHeart--- she is an awesome chick, she teaches me some awesome gamez that me and my buddies play in the car and well every where lol, but yeah she is awesome, she is like one of the only chicks i trust on here lol

- ScrEaMOGurl--- she is a cool girl, who i really trust and i feel like i can actually tell her anything. i really get along with her so yeah we are pretty chill lol xD but really she is awesome :D

they are in no particular order but i am very grateful for all my buddy friends :)

stupid page isn't showing my recent plays. it has been fucking up on me :(

love me, hate me but you wanna fuck me

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