Feb 28 2007, 3:34

On with the shuffle!

1. So you walk into a your old high school and the first thing you think is:
(oh, well isn't that nice.)

2. Your significant other is:
I Woke Up In A Car (haha)

3. Your life at the moment is:
Bend & Break

4. YOU at the moment are:
The Anthem (that's embarassing.)

5. You feel like this a lot:
Get Over It(actually, yeah.)

6. This is how you can impress people the most (i.e. your greatest talent):
Prince Ali(BAHA, it's from a friend...)

7. In the middle of a Sunday, you are usually:
Brother's on a Hotel Bed(excuse me?)

8. Your appearance has this effect on people:

9. You are obsessed with:
What Is Love?

10. Before you go to sleep, you think:

11. This song is a total reflection of your sex life:
Lean On Me

12. Your parents are:
Bohemian Rhapsody (what!?)

13: Your family life is:
Le Disko(sure...)

14. Your relationship with God is:
King For A Day/Shout (Live)(bahahahahah)

15. God's relationship with YOU is:
Friday I'm in Love(i let Him down sometimes, but He loves me? sure, that works.)

16. You think that people in general:
Guernica(this is about jesse's grandfather who had cancer, so i don't see how it's relevant...)

17. You feel this way about yourself:
Expo '86

18. Think of a good friend. They are:
Down And Outyeah, they are.

19. You want to have a party. The theme is:
Lover I Don't Have to Love...?

20. Your friends in general are:
Welcome To The Jungle(oh baby!)

21. Your teachers are/were:
Failure by Design:)

22. If you saw Pamela Anderson, you would be:
Brain Stew (Live)(haha)

23. So you walk onto the red carpet. Everyone else thinks:
In the Air Tonight(thanks for this song lana...haha. but yeah, they're all like hells yes, she is here. it's in the air.)

24. So you are getting married. The theme song to your wedding is:
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (BAHAHAHAAHAHA)

25. So you are getting divorced. The reason is:
Minority (Live)(sure...)

26. You see love as:
Baba O'Riley(i see love as a teenage wasteland... that's nice.)

27. You see hatred as:
Sylvia Plath

28. Whenever you are depressed, you:
I Wanna Hold Your Hand(yes for two reasons: this song cheers me up, & when i'm sad i'd like to hold somebody's hand.)

29. You want to ____ right now:
Walking on Broken Glass(ouch, no, that's a lie.)

30. So you see a gorgeous person right across the room. You think:
I Want You Back

31. So you need a hug. The reason is:
I Want You to Want Me(cute.)

32. When you are especially angry, you:
Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd....?

33. Your ex thinks that you are:
Look After You

34. You think that your ex is:
One In A Million(once again, thanks for this song lana.)

35. Your beauty is like:
Steady As She Goes (Acoustic Version)

36. You dance like:
Girls and Boys(i have had dance parties to this song, yes. embarassing.)

37. When you wake up in the morning next to the person of your dreams, you look deep into their big, beautiful eyes and say:
Cross My Heart(cute.)

38. Think of an authority figure in your life (e.g. your boss, your Mom, etc.). They are:
For You I Will (Confidence)(eh, no.)

39. You die. ______ should be playing in the background:

40. You meet with God. He reprimands you for all your evil deeds. In your defense, you exclaim with confidence:
knights of the island counter(??)


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