My third top 10 of free 'soft-indie' music


Apr 3 2010, 15:49

So, just in time for Easter, I've completed my third 'Top 10' of the best indie-folk musicians with multiple free downloads. Please check out my playlist. Those of you familiar with this occasional series will know the format by now. Basically, I share with you my latest finds from the world of lo-fi, folky, bedroom pop. Once again there's the usual emphasis on gentle ukulele and glockenspiel sounds and, as always, some top notch songwriting. There's plenty of heart-breaking, earnest lyricism too for those of you who share my penchant for this.
This batch is a little bit more melancholy than the previous playlists I think. I have to say thanks to Griff from Sighrens for bringing quite a few of these bands to my attention. If any more of you want to share bands with me for future lists then please do so.
I hope you'll like what you hear and I hope you'll go on to listen to more songs by all these artists. Remember that as well as being talented musicians they also all permit multiple free downloads from their pages. God bless 'em all!
The featured artists are:

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
J. Buffalo
Cake on Cake
paws without claws
Modern Royal
A Kit Fox
The Welcome Committee
King of cats


  • eardrums

    Lots of goodies to check out here! Thanks! Have you heard the free song we have made available from the upc. EardrumsPop compilation by Cake on Cake collaborating with Jacob Borshard? Download it from here: Borshard is another indie-folk-pop artist that should be on your list (if he haven't already), with 3 free and good albums (available from Now I have to check out these artists....

    Apr 3 2010, 16:03
  • eardrums

    Not finished listening through this yet, but Cabinet..., J.Buffalo and Skelecopter sound very good. I already knew Cake on Cake were good. Will listen more later!

    Apr 3 2010, 16:16
  • eardrums

    also, for your next one, which I hope you will make, - listen to The Middle Ones.They haven't got much to listen to here on lastfm, but go to their Bandcamp-page and download several free live eps/albums:

    Apr 3 2010, 16:22
  • ThisElegant

    In a world full of Oasis, Sting, U2, Scouting For Girls, Justin Bieber and all that crap that spews from Simon Cowell, it needs someone who has a real passion for the alternatives-to-drudgery to make a difference. Thanks for that....and thanks for the suggestions above. Keep it up x

    Apr 3 2010, 18:30
  • sighrens

    I'd just like to agree with all the above. Oh, and thanks again for another plug for sighrens. Although that's not why I recommended those bands, honest!

    Apr 3 2010, 19:01
  • sonturk

    i like all of them.especially scelecopter.It is my favorite too.i wiil follow you emilythe.Because your music taste is really good.Thank you so much again.

    Apr 5 2010, 10:02
  • Jemnifur

    thanks for featuring me in this. I hope you don't mind that I post this on my blog/website [ ] :) !!

    Apr 14 2010, 16:15
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