Tea Leaf Green, March 7, 2007


Mar 8 2007, 16:09

This is one of those moments I get that "I am so lucky" rush! It is a combination of have what I consider to be good friends on here, and of having seen Tea Leaf Green last night on the road.

It was a small venue and a wonderfully cordial and happy crowd. Over time during the first 90 minute set, I was able to naturally and easily make my way to any point in the audience, and spent several songs--long songs--literally at the feet of the band, leaning on the rail at the stage.

The band was really, really hot. They were the sole performers and played two 90 minute sets, non-stop. They went from delicate piano tinkling with sweet singing, to a wall of mind-bending electronic sound full of twists and turns and thumping transitions.

My companion [my son's girlfriend, as he stayed home not feeling well], told me before the show that she had "never seen a jam band." She had never been to this significant little venue in her town, either. During the show, she told me that she now understands what "psychedelic" means! hahaha After the show, she said she loved it and that she was going to bring my son back to that venue to see a jam band in the future to prove to him that he--even though he doesn't know it--likes psychedelic jam too!

The band played almost all original material. They are a long-time touring band, and they have a history, too, of not repeating, on any one tour, any one song.

They were all over the place in terms of groove, but each song merged perfectly with the next; and many were very extended.

The two covers they played were Waiting For My Man, which was SO wonderful driven, drive, drive, drive; and the encore, which was I've Got a Feeling, and everybody does and did last night.

This morning, I compose this at my son's home. Soon, I drive a couple of hundred miles or more across Florida; and I will see Tea Leaf Green and New Monsoon tonight, in another small venue, ninety minutes each and equal bill. There is a rumor they might jam together or merge bands at the transition.

Then tomorrow I move to Langerado, where--you guessed it--I will see Tea Leaf Green again but also some other really, really great bands! I am so lucky! And it is nice to listen to LastFM radio here at my son's house as I pack up to leave!

Cheers to all! LoPeHa, as we used to say!


  • Robo2448

    Sounds amazing. You're so lucky to see them so many times. I'm praying I can see them on 3/24 with U-Melt (who are also fantastic) opening. Great read.

    Mar 9 2007, 20:53
  • Trichiliocosm

    nice trip man...in more ways than one...possibly in more ways than many.

    Mar 13 2007, 9:38
  • Trichiliocosm

    nice trip man...in more ways than one...possibly in more ways than many.

    Mar 13 2007, 9:39
  • Trichiliocosm

    sorry about leaving that twice and now leaving this one as an explanation for it...my internet here got all whacky and went to a totally different site on its own...something about this feed here in bangkok is all crazy like glue.

    Mar 13 2007, 9:43
  • emergingsynergy


    Mar 13 2007, 16:08
  • Robo2448

    oh man, thanks so much for that video. i love seeing them play. so fun to watch. 2 of my favorite songs segued beautifully. And Trevor's the man. Those sunglasses and that hat are so cool. And I don't think he's gotten a haircut since I saw them almost a year ago. He's so freaking cool and on fire on those keyboards.

    Mar 14 2007, 1:13
  • thechitowncubs

    very cool video, thanks.

    Apr 10 2007, 4:34
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