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    Lug 31 2008, 4:18

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  • Questionable genre-labelling

    Set 12 2005, 14:30

    I love to come across bands and artists that really can't be fit into a stereotype. And when I say that, I mean where they honestly blend an equal amount of different respected genres to come up with something completely original. I could phrase that so much better but its 1 am and I'm not going to.

    Up untill a few years ago I was against most electronic music as I stupidly grouped it as all being techno or 'fake' in a way, but honestly I'm glad I now realise that we live in an age (or have for the last 20 years) that allows people to create entire albums by themselves, or with the aid of instruments, guest vocalists, guest musicians, turntables, pro-tools, concert recording, other computer programs and other forms of manufacturing music that I haven't thought of yet. And that finally some major record companies are endorising and promoting the work of real experimental artists instead of only pumping out the endless bubble gum pop we have had forever.

    There's no justifying it, but I have some sort of respect for a person that can go through different bands as the main songwriter and bring such a different mood each time. (I say mood in want of a better word)

    Not only being able to effectively mix genres but the creative ability to make a completley different song that doesn't sound a thing like the last, thus not letting themselves getting bogged down in the stereotype of one genre or mood.

    When I talk about mixing genres I don't mean predictable mixing, such as the pop-rock-indie mix, or the punk-screamo-alternative-rock mix.. There are a few obvious combinations mentioned when bands try to describe themselves as being a "mix" of things and thats not what I'm talking about because those people don't genuinely experiment far too off then what they are familiar with, and thats fine for most musicians, but its great to see artists push the boundaries and be questioned for it.

    Following are just a few people/artists I was thinking about at the time of writing. Now I'm sure there are many more out there that most people will say "how the hell did you not put them on your list" or even "ewww, how could you include so and so, but not so and so" and that is why I post it here, so you can suggest some artists that I may not have heard of or taken enough time to notice, as well as get the word out to people who should hear them. I just wanted someone, somewhere to read this.

    Norman Cook Fatboy Slim Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails Mr BungleFaith No More The Transplants Moby Atari Teenage Riot A Silver Mt. Zion Godspeed You Black Emporer! Eels Mark Everett Mark Oliver Everett
  • what can be said

    Set 6 2005, 4:58

    about a fantastic lot with a strange and debauched past? This british lot of old farts have been around longer than most people I know.
    Once Mick Jagger said to my Dad at a concert "whats that on your nose?" referring to the brightly coloured pink zinc smeared on.
    Well there's my claim to faim. I am now going to download some of their new album, but like everybody who's ever heard the Stones I'm sure I'll be abit dissapointed.