The Ultimate Travelling Experience


Feb 26 2006, 19:58

I wrote this in the train on my way from Brussels to London

The best thing about taking a trip is the journey itself. being on the road is like being completely detached from everyday life. No work or school to think about, no responsibilities. All there is are your expectations & whether or not those get fulfilled isn't important while you're still on the road.

Sitting on the Eurostar train at daybreak, watchingthe towns we pass slowly waking & looking forward to all I'm about to do & see in London is like those moments between sleeping & waking on a lazy Sunday morning, those delicious moments when you're thinking about what you will & what you won't do, knowing that you can stay in bed for another hour or two.

The journey is actually an incredibly weird experience. I'm excited about visiting London, but on the other hand, I'm as calm as a pond on a soft summer's day. Reading Jack kerouac's "On the Road" for the second time & listening to The Legend is exactly what I need to get the most out of this 2.5hour train-ride.

There's something about the combination of all of these just fits. The link between reading "On the Road" & actually being on the road is ofcourse as obvious as it gets but why did I choose to listen to Johnny Cash? I don't know if I can explain. Maybe it's because the thought of Johnny being on tour with June Carter, Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis reminds me of Sal, Dean, Marylou & Ed Dunkel in the '49 Hudson. However, I don't believe this is really it. There's something about Johnny's sound, about the way he makes you believe everything he sings, that makes me nostalgic for those days (though I'm way too young to have actually lived back then) & this is exactly what the craze & energy of "On the Road" do to me. The songs in which Johnny convinces me the most are definitely A Boy Named Sue, The Ring Of Fire & San Quentin.

To recapulate: I love the idea of 'heading somewhere' far more than the idea of actually 'being somewhere' or 'belonging'. Maybe it's because I still haven't found a place where I belong but I don't believe such a place exists. Like Sal Paradise, I love too many things & there's too much I want to do so it's impossible for me to just be at one place all the time. So hit the road & enjoy!


  • jcshepard

    Johnny Cash is the road. June Carter was Home. Only together could they build a strong foundation. Johnny (his boom-chica-boom with the Tennessee Two) was constant motion. Ex: Folsom Prison Blues is as much about the road as confinment: I hear the train a comin´ / it´s rolling round the bend / and I ain´t seen the sunshine since I don´t know when The duet Jackson is another song that's as much a ride as a place to be. A great poet creates a novel in a 2-minute verse, an entire world in not much more than a heartbeat. It's a place we want to visit--maybe not to live, not to inhabit--someplace just to be. -jc

    Feb 28 2006, 20:31
  • MadCowDzz

    Holy metaphors! =) I agree about the better to travel than to be somewhere... Sometimes the journey is better than the stay.

    Mar 4 2006, 1:35
  • Aleteia

    I totally agree, I love to be on the road and headed somewhere. To me the appeal is the anticipation; nothing is decided yet and anything could happen. There's a kind of elation and timelessness that can be reached on the road, watching places and people pass by and listening to music.

    Apr 30 2006, 18:27
  • spikemobile

    love traveling, love johnny even more, and love the God of johnny even harder. and yes, there is something mysterious about this guy. definitely would've wanted to meet the the man in black himself. had a question/request - can you please upload the whole legend boxset onto some filesharing website (,,,, etc). would be much obliged. see, here where i live it is impossible to find any of johnny's records. thanks.

    Ago 28 2007, 20:18
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