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Giu 30 2009, 3:04

my patience for albums-in-their-entirety dwindles with summer heat and humidity. so i do singles. cool & refreshing.

my new best friends are:

1) crowned in chrome--crooked fingers
makes me feel like i am spooning with a lobotomized polar bear while drifting on an iceberg that is somehow not cold while araura(?) borealis flickers above my head. if i ever had an affair with a married man, this would be the soundtrack to it.

what is it about?

"spitting in the eyes that helped you look away--from your darkest hour."

2) smith & jones forever-- silver jews
i love a great character sketch, and this is one such one. i love the image of the titular characters "holding up their trousers with extension chords," etc. this jam has great lyrics in general--"the alleys are the footnotes of the avenues." berman is a genius.

3) public enemy - mapei
god i love raunchy songs by female rappers. they remind me of the days when i used to want to be the first white female rapper. i think i've been beat to it several times now. oh well.

"in the middle of the street / in the city on my knees / like, "yo where the love is?"


the cover art for the e.p. this song hails from is of some dude straightening mapei's hair. hilarious.

4) horse and i - bat for lashes
this is a good song for sleepy mornings when i don't feel like engaging in the mental challenges my day presents. i just listen to it and absorb the following words as natasha khan belts them out into my ears:

"They sang to me, this is yours to wear / you're the chosen one, there's no turning back....now"

5) lazy tv -- black dice
listen to this song and it will nuke your organs and fry your skin. but in a good way. black dice=best live performance in all of creation.

6) make light -- passion pit
makes me want to drive down to the beach even though i don't like the beach. oddly incendiary in a teenage rebel kind of way and despite being extremely irritating and bubble-gummy, completely addicting.

7) valerie -- broadcast
hohohohohohohoho. like being trapped inside a soap bubble floating through a galaxy far far away where the only colors are pastel pink and yellow. you think you see smiley viva pinata characters and/or pokemon tumbling past, but its only a trick of the light. this and "crowned in chrome" made my playlist called "endocrine soup," reserved for moody love songs.

"lay down your dreams on my pillow"

summer '09 has been good to me.

Horse and ISmith & Jones ForeverPublic EnemyCrowned in ChromeLazy TVValerieMake Light


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