Freak Folk/ I wish I were friends with Joanna Newsom


Mag 2 2007, 5:55

Devendra Banhart. What a DELIGHTFUL man! "We All Know" makes me want to rip myself apart and scatter the pieces like confeti. It is that good. Actaully all of Nino Rojo is good if you like freak folk, which I do. A lot.

Even Joanna Newsom is starting to grow on me. I used to scoff at her, but now I really sort of like her. It's almost like we are becoming friends. I definately think we would be freinds if we met. "Monkey and Bear" reminds me of this story I wrote in second grade about a lion and a cheetah that were friends.

Actually there was a whole series of stories about animals who were friends. The penguin and the fish, the fox and the deer, and the snake and the rat. Kathryn Chase-Levin and I wrote and illustrated them. She drew the more complicated animals like the deer and the rat, because she was the better artist in second grade. I drew the fish and the snake. I bet Joanna Newsom did shit like that when she was in second grade. She probably still does.
We All Knowmonkey and bear


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