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Mar 13 2011, 14:54

Sat 12 Mar – Holly Throsby

Holly Throsby played The Bakery in Perth in March 2011. She was supported by 6s and 7s and simone and girlfunkle


In what can only be described as another weird episode from the book of strange Perth happenings, last night's gig at the Bakery would have a whole chapter dedicated to it. The content of the show, the delightful Holly Throsby ably supported by a couple of fine Perth locals, was excellent as was to be expected. The crowd though, again, bewildered. In what is surely a sign of music going public at saturation point, I would estimate less than 50 people were at the gig last night.

It is kind of mindblowing that in a town of 1.6 million or more people, who constantly cry poor of the lack of touring talent somehow manage to not show up to shows. It's not as though the headline artist were unknown here. Holly Throsby is touring her fourth album, receives national airplay and consistently fills venues across the nation. Is it that Perth is burned out? Broke? Or just ignorant? It's a tough thing to pin down. One punter commented that local buzz band, [aritst]Split Seconds, were releasing their EP at another venue that night, but I find it hard to think there's about 550 people in all of Perth who go to gigs.

Regardless though for those of us lucky enough to be at the show, we were treated to a wonderful, intimate concert befitting of Throsby's musical style.

Arriving a little late, I missed the bulk of the opening act, Simone And Girlfunkle. Based on what I did catch, though, that would seem to be my loss. A quirky snippet of breezy, harmonious pop radiated out of the Bakery upon arriving at the venue. Influences owing to post war 'girl bands' and big band sound, through to modern chanteuses, mixed happily with jangly indie pop sensibilities. I'll be keeping my eyes on the street press for the next opportunity to catch these folk.

Next up was the now officially declared "Ubiquitous for 2011" 6s and 7s. I have to admit that having seem them in fine form last week at Darren Hanlon, I spent most of their set talking shash over a cider or two in the grassy knoll area of the redeveloped Bakery. The sound though, traveled well outside and the band did, as always, sound on song.

Arriving on stage sans band, Holly Throsby has a an odd stage presence. She is slight, brightly clothed, hair looking as though it may tangle forth from her head at but the slightest breeze. Her smile beams, filling the room, yet it beguiles what appears to be a natural hum of nervous energy. Her songs are intimate, they tell the stories of her life and it's as though each night she boldly strides out to relive each one of those stories, yet maybe to depersonalise them a little for herself.

Of course it's foolish to even try and entertain what it means for her to perform. But on this night this connects too to the crowd, this small, sparsely populated crowd. What does an artist think when they arrive on stage with just a handful of people awaiting to hear them? Knowing full well that the crowd is expecting that they will give their all, yet playing on the back of the mind of the artist is no doubt all sorts of doubts. Will this cover the costs of the tour? Why did I come to Perth (we've all been there)? All of these things must play on their mind, yet does the artist play through as though they don't, or does that ultimately impact on that night's show?


For the answers to these questions and the rest of the review including the setlist, please head over to my site.
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