Feb 8 2006, 18:01

Leander, I think you are one of the few who know about Thoughtless, but I want to tell them how cool we (especially you) are.

Alright. Thoughtless is my band. We're not complete, because we're still looking for a drummer =P I'm the leadzanger, Leander gitarist and backvocals, Lea plays piano and Dibah another gitarist. We're not that ambitious, but it's just so nice to make music together =) When we're going to be better we want to play for big groups of people. You must be honest to yourself: we're not so good at all. As idividuals we all have our qualities, but together we must practise a lot more. Though, I'm proud of singing his (Leander's) songs and be a part of a band.
Hmm.. what a shame my vocabulairy is not good enough to describe everything I want to say.

I think I edit this journal later... I can always give more information afterwards =)


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