• Demo of a cover on Uematsu's Timber Owls, free download.

    Giu 21 2010, 12:13


    Me and my Imaginary Orchestra are working with passion on a tribute to 植松伸夫. Is it necessary to mention that we are guided solely by love for Uematsu's music? In particular for his Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack.

    For the very first attempt Timber Owls has been chosen. This light and funny track always gives a positive mood out. It seems to be simple, but how emotional! I don't know many musical compositions which are able to make people laugh (OK, chuckle... at worst smile), but Timber Owls is one of those for sure.

    Our reinterpretation is almost ready now, some cosmetic work remains. But honestly we are a little bit shy to publish it so soon, because the load of responsibility lies heavy on our shoulders. Uematsu-san is a recognized genius, on the other hand nobody has said something like that about us. Thus we've decided before letting anybody hear what we have done to collect some opinions of Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack's faithful fans (as ardent as we are). We hope it will help us polish our track up.

    So... if you are interested in taking part in such kind of beta-testing and if you believe you can write a connected comment (at least short one), please download our demo from RapidShare (absolutely safe, I promise). Yes, it is as simple as it seems.

    Thank you for the attention and the possible interest.

    Yours sincerely,
    Alexander Piterskiy.

    P.S.: What a terrible and incomprehensible English? Oh, come on! Please, read it.

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  • Point of contact. The problematic of English, peripheral issues.

    Gen 24 2010, 17:37

    Hallo. Alexander Piterskiy personally is on air. Is there anybody on the other end of the line?

    Actually my English is pretty poor and quite imperfect. I realize that my popularity isn't wide enough as well. So I'm not sure that to start journaling here is a wise idea. Never mind.

    For the first entry I haven't got any interesting news, I'm only going to say some common words and to outline some rules of what is happening here.

    First of all: don't feel shy correcting me. If your English is better than mine (what actually isn't a big deal) and you clearly see my mistakes, show me them. Even if you think it's just a misspelling. I know it's not obvious, but I'm a perfectionist. Following this way we're going to kill two birds with one stone: (i) I will learn something new and probably next time my text won't be so annoying for the guardians of the purity of English language; (ii) you will feel like a good-natured person who helps people from Third World.
    I realize that there are 2 main problems in English for me (as well as I guess for any Slav): the articles ("a" or "the"? Oh, shoot me!) and the tenses (you know, in Russian there are just 3 ones). In fact I'm able to create such complicated phrases as, for example, "If I had been born earlier, I would have had chance to see live Jim Morrison". But life shows that it's mainly a theoretical knowledge.
    Also I see that people who don't know Russian at all understand me speaking English (but of course I cannot be sure they understand me correctly), so everything isn't as bad as it could be.

    Why do I prefer writing English as things concern my creative work? Some people find it unpatriotic. The answer is perfectly simple: globalization. It's not personal.
    Actually I really do love Russian language. I've written many short-stories and even published some of them in a lousy magazine. By the way, I've zealously logged a LiveJournal since 2004 (but not very regularly), of course in Russian. So if my listeners wished to study this language because of my being, I would be really proud. 8)

    That's all for the beginning. Hope see you all next time.

    Alexander Piterskiy.