• Gawd Bless the BBC!

    Mar 14 2006, 12:51

    For some reason, the BBC always seem to stumble across outstanding tracks like Hoppípolla for their promotional videos... and that is how I came across this awesome song in the BBC's trailer for their current series, "Planet Earth".

    At first, I thought the song was something inspired by Ordinary World as the strings in this song do have a similarity to them. That would also have made sense given that the programme the trailer is for is about the Earth. Anyway, I liked the sound of it, so I had to hunt it down on the internet.

    It didn't take long (seems a lot of other people are asking about this song too), and it's now getting a hell of a lot of plays. A wonderful song: building up beautifully, with an inspirational piano and string combination. I guess I should explore Sigur Rós on now.