• Aussie Hip-Hop game

    Mar 18 2008, 3:51

    Easy, guess which song it is from the opening lines.

    Don't cheat either, where's the fun in that?!?

    1: So you're nice with the pen man? Are you with them man? Well you paint a pretty picture but it ain't a fucking Rembrandt.

    2: We never asked for your permission or requested assistance, so when I put my hand on my heart and beg for forgiveness.

    3: I sit back and crack a six pack from the plastic. I'm on a quest to get spastic.

    4: I need a deep rest. I'm depressed. Falling leaves and we's a leaf less.

    5: How long can I keep this up? Don't sleep enough. Time's creeping up. My blood's heating up. I need to puff to feed my lungs.

    6: Peel me off the couch and throw me into the booth. Ready to go at any moment let me give you the proof.

    7: Time hurts me. I hate feeling like I'm at it's mercy. Two years shy of thirty.

    8: Feeling like you haven't another sole to share with, and that's a fair hit to the face. Wanna up and get out the place.

    9: What's poppin' lads? I got you covered like leprosy.

    10: Alright lets roll the tape and see if you can follow boss. We didn't start that fire but I threw the molitovs.

    11: You smile to yourself as you ride passed the panel beaters.

    12: Two days from now tomorrow will be yesterday, yet many will remain in the same place anyway.

    13: Down. Watch me flip it like a Portuguese chicken. Fuck around. Pack a party pill. Up and get hyped.

    14: It's live in here. The atmosphere has got me wanting to grab another beer. Grab a mic, mic the jam up. People in the place, put your hands up.

    15: The bitch played me like a game of chess. Stole Cupid's archery and aimed it my chest. Cardiac arrest.

    16: I'm stuck with ball and chain shackled to my leg. The same cloud keeps pouring rain over my head.

    17: So the day begins with an overwhelming vibe and it rides through my skin. Feeling dry but I take the high sites in.

    18: Somewhere in the desert is a telegraph pole holding up a telephone line full of copper wires.
  • Skool Daze Tour - Astronomy Class + The Tongue/Mista Savona/Combat Wombat

    Mag 4 2007, 4:06

    Thursday 3rd of May 2007 – Skool Daze Tour (Rubys Lounge)

    Performing in order: Combat Wombat/Mista Savona/Astronomy Class (feat. The Tongue)

    Last night I drove myself down the road to Rubys Lounge in Belgrave for the first show of the nationwide Skool Daze Tour. I walked in expecting quite a few people to be there and to my - and I'm sure the artists - disappointment the place is pretty much empty. And I'm not joking, I'd say at this stage there were maybe 15 people there.

    I buy myself a beer and sit down next to the bar while DJ Wassabi is spinning a few tunes. Combat Wombat are setting up some equipment and maybe 10 minutes later they come up onto stage. The first thing Elf Tranzporter said was something like "Wow! Looks like we're pretty popular these days." I felt kind of embarrassed that barely anyone showed up but thought to myself that this will be a pretty unique experience.

    So Combat Wombat start up playing a few of their songs. Some I hadn't heard before (so I'm guessing they were new) and also a few tracks off their album, "Unsound System". They threw in some of their political views and also some freestyle rhymes which were pretty cool but as there was pretty much no crowd it was hard to really get into it, although towards the end I was enjoying their set.

    About 45 minutes later they finish up to a small but warm applause and DJ Wassabi (who is also the DJ for Combat Wombat) spins a few more tracks while Combat Wombat pack up and Mista Savona and his band prepare for their set. Apparently this was his first gig as a band, I might have made that up though...I think that's what he said!

    Mista Savona is on the keyboard and he has with him a drummer, guitarist, bass player, percussionist and a couple of guest vocalists. He says that as he recorded the album in Jamaica it was a bit hard for him to have the actual vocalists with him, which is fair enough! They play a few songs and again as the crowd is so small and not really participating much it's hard to get into the music. Some of the Combat Wombat artists are having a bit of a dance but that was about it until further into the set a few more people are having a dance too.

    A crowd for this music would have been really cool, I can imagine the dance floor busting away to his music, but at this stage now having only 30 people spread out over the entire lounge it's pretty hard. They play probably my favourite track, Player Hater, from his new album, Melbourne Meets Kingston and that got the crowd moving a bit more.

    Mista Savona and the band finish up with DJ Wassabi joining in towards the end to add a bit of scratching. They pack up and Astronomy Class start setting up for their set.

    A few minutes later things are set up and they introduce themselves and have a bit of a chat about playing in Belgrade (it's Belgrave but Ozi Batla must have not known)! They start playing and they have a few more people having a dance (maybe 8 or so of us). I've seen Astronomy Class before and they were really good back then, but this seemed like a watered down version mainly because they didn't have the guests to help them out and they also didn't have a crowd to perform to. Regardless they put on a good show and perform well.

    On the mics were Ozi Batla and The Tongue and they worked together pretty well. They're both pretty funny guys and you can tell they get along well. For a few parts of the songs where there would have been a guest MC, The Tongue either rhymed his own lyrics or freestyled which worked out well.

    They finish their set and everyone claps etc and then stands around and talks etc. DJ Wassabi is back on the tracks and as I showed up alone I stick around for a few minutes and then decide to leave.

    Overall it was a strange gig that was good, but could have been a lot better with more people around. There were a few things that effected this though; not much promotion for this particular show, it was on a Thursday, they were playing the next night in the City with more guests and TV coverage etc and Belgrave isn't exactly a central suburb of Melbourne!

    I do recommend if you can to go and see these guys play. I would be very suprised if they played to such a small crowd again on this tour. Anyway, if you can't make it JTV are recording the Melbourne show so I'm guessing it will be aired on ABC some time in the near future. That will be really interesting to watch actually because Astronomy Class have a band with them for that show.

    To listen to any of these artist's music, here are some links:

    Astronomy Class:

    The Tongue:

    Mista Savona:

    Combat Wombat:
  • Who I saw in 2006, and what I thought of them!

    Mar 1 2007, 2:57

    This is a list of who I saw perform in 2006 and how I thought they went on stage (something different and more enjoyable than reading a list of bands and nothing else). Any comments or questions are welcome.

    Def Wish Cast - They were really good. Did a bit of break dancing and all of that in between...kept the crowd involved which is always a plus. They performed pretty well too. I like their songs and they performed them pretty well. They're kepping the bboy alive!

    Hermitude - Pretty good live! They had some live remixes etc and made up some tunes on the spot which was cool... got the crowd involved too. They wandered off a little at the end but overall a good duo to see perform. I've seen El Gusto (the DJ) seperately as well and he's been good then too.

    Resin Dogs - I saw them in big band mode and they were really really good. They definitely know how to work up the audience and create a party atmosphere. Sounded great, definitely recommend them!

    Mystro - Pretty funny guy! He performs pretty well and has a bit of a dance on stage, likes to involve the audience too. He's a pretty lively character!

    Abstract Rude - A pretty cool customer. Nothing over the top but he's solid in his performance. He shook a lot of hands while on stage, nice guy! He's got a pretty distinct voice too, it's good hearing him use it!

    Hau - I saw Hau with Mystro and Abstract Rude and Hau took a back seat which was a little suprising for me. He still sounded good though and performed well. I reckon he'd be a lot better by himself in Koolism though.

    Karnivool - Really good also. They sounded great... definitely recommend them if you're a fan, or slight fan. They worked up the audience pretty well...had good energy.

    Horsell Common - Hmmm, I'm not a huge fan of theirs but they were pretty ordinary anyway. Only really their bass player kept me entertained, the other two just played like average people. I probably would recommend them unless you like their music.

    This Portrait Elixir - They played with Karnivool and Horsell Common and they were absolutely shithouse. Some dickwad moaning into a megaphone while rubbing his stomache while the band played. The music wasn't too bad, it was just the retard singing that wrecked it. One to avoid, unless you're up for a laugh.

    The Herd - Really good! They all performed well, sounded great, had a good mix of songs, highly recommended! They had some live instruments, got the crowd involved, good entertainment!

    REASON - Reason was good but nothing special. His songs are pretty cool, and he performed well, but he didn't do a whole lot when he was rapping. He did work the crowd a bit but not a whole lot...might have been an off night for him?

    Equills - Equills was pretty cool. They're small guys but they work off each other really well and move around a fair bit, I really enjoyed watching and listening to them.

    Jase - Jase has some cool beats. I guess it's a little hard for him to improvise but if you like his stuff then you'd like what he does live.

    Lotek - He was actually really funny! He told a few stories and got the crowd involved quite a lot. His songs were good but his presence and energy makes you want to watch and listen to him! He joked around quite a lot and laughed a fair bit. I think he might of been high but he was good entertainment!

    The Tongue - The Tongue doesn't/didn't have too much material but everything he did was quality! He raps well, uses the stage well, involves the crowd, works with other rappers well, he's got a bright future ahead of him! DJ Diaz was on the turntables with him and did a pretty qood job of it too. One to watch out for!

    Astronomy Class - These guys are great! They had live instruments with them, and Ozi Batla worked the mic pretty well. They told a few stories in between tracks and worked them in. If you like their stuff then go and see them! Pretty similar to watching The Herd really but scaled down a bit and more reggae influenced.

    Low Budget - Low Budget are really good live. Their recorded music doesn't appeal to me all that much (it's still good) but when I heard it live it sounded really good. They work the crowd well, and are pretty happy guys! Definitely go see them if they interest you.

    Bias B - Bias B was alright. People who was at the same show reckon he was really good but to me he didn't do much. He rapped well, and his songs are good, but a bit like Reason he didn't offer much. I don't think he involved the crowd from memory, so if you aren't into his music then you might not be interested in his show.

    Big Foot - He performed with Bias B and he was pretty ordinary. He had this whole "I'm a badarse" type thing going for him but it just looked like he was trying to strain out a shit on stage. Kind of like the guitar player shit-a-brick look. I couldn't help but laugh/cringe while watching him.

    Urthboy - He's good stuff! I really enjoy his songs but also the way he presents them. He uses the crowd and the stage well, it's great to watch and listen to him. I'm not sure if he does much solo stuff but I guess he's pretty similar when in The Herd, which is good! Recommended!

    Ozi Batla - Pretty much see what I wrote for Astronomy Class. I enjoyed watching and listening to him on stage, but other people there didn't think too much of him. Maybe because I like his work and style? I don't know, he wasn't as good that night as he was with Astronomy Class though.

    Muph + Plutonic - They were good. Plutonic Lab was on the drum kit while Muphin was working the mic and stage. They had quite a few guests up with them and they worked together pretty well. They're nice guys too and worth checking out.
  • My Australian top 10 releases of 2006

    Dic 12 2006, 8:20

    1 - Astronomy Class - Exit Strategy
    Astronomy Class are a new Aussie hip-hop group that consists of Ozi Batla (from The Herd), Chasm & Sir Robbo. They released "Exit Strategy" late in the year after being hyped as one of the all time greats. Pleasantly they met their expectations, I haven't stopped listening to this album since I bought it which has been going on 2 months now! This is easily my favourite album of the year, Australian or not, from any genre. I saw these guys perform live and they were really good...they have a nice laid back reggae style with great beats and lyrics to boot.


    2 - Macromantics - Moments In Movement
    "Moments In Movements" was Macromantics debut album, following up her first release, "Hyperbolic Logic". It's another hip-hop album which features fellow Melbournites, Ground Components and reknowned international MC, Sage Francis. This album has not only gone well in Australia, but after Macromantics recently toured in the US, it has been picking up attention there also. Overall it's a great album that consists of interesting samples and well thought out lyrics.


    3 - The Boat People - YESYESYESYESYES
    I've always liked The Boat People. For those who don't know them, they're a light rock/rock group that have been around for a few years and have released a few EP's. Anyway, "YESYESYESYESYES" was their debut album, and it contained quite a few gems. They're not conventional but give them a few listens and they grow on you quite quickly. Quite similar to 78 Saab I guess.


    4 - Delta - The Lostralian
    The long awaited debut album from Adelaide MC, Delta, was released early in 2006. Not suprisingly it was lyrically outstanding. It included quite a few guest MC's from all around the globe which helped Delta get some recognition and respect internationally. This album has great beats, nice samples and rhymes about subject matters close to home. A solid album that should impress any hip-hop head.


    5 - Bob Evans - Suburban Songbook
    Bob Evans (lead singer from Jebediah) followed up his debut album, "Suburban Kid" (2003) with "Suburban Songbook". Again it had quite a few catchy tunes that were pleasant on the ear. This album was one that kept revealing more and more of itself with further listens. While Jebediah was more rocky, I feel Bob Evans has more going for himself as a solo act, and it's been a good follow up album that's shown he's got strong song writing talent.


    6 - Midnight Juggernauts - Secrets Of The Universe
    The Midnight Juggernauts are a Melbourne Electronic Trio. While The group consists of a drummer, bass player and a keyboardest, their style is quite similar to that of Daft Punk/The Presets/Cut Copy. Anyway, this release of their was only and EP, but it had a few songs that I really enjoyed. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what they have to come.


    7 - Curse Ov Dialect - Wooden Tongues
    They're an odd outfit, Curse Ov Dialect. What they do is definitely not conventional, but in saying that, what they produce is very interesting and great to listen to. Curse Ov Dialect are a Melbourne hip-hop hip-hop group with a very multi-cultural outlook on things. Their songs cover things from immigration to racism and then just random things about life. They use samples from all around the world and combine them to make music that's pleasant to listen to while offering things to think about.


    8 - Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road
    The multi award winning album from the Hilltop Hoods, "The Hard Road" was released quite early in the year. While it's a great album, fans will most likely say their favourite songs are on previous albums. But "The Hard Road" is solid, and that consistency is what won people over. It is quite down to earth and on the production side of things, this album is right up there. It's certainly an album which has given the Australian hip-hop scene a big boost this year.


    9 - The Butterfly Effect - Imago
    Give us some rock! 2005 was a pretty big year for the hard rock/metal scene in Australia, and this year it was kind of lean for new releases, but The Butterfly Effect did their part with "Imago". While I like The Butterfly Effect's previous work more, there are songs on this album which are great. I needed something that was on the heavy side, and I think this was about the only album I looked forward to from the scene. Heavy Weight Champ released an album which was great, but I liked "Imago" more.


    10 - Def Wish Cast - The Legacy Continues...
    Wow! Def Wish Cast were the pioneers of Australian hip-hop back in the 80's to mid 90's, and after going their seperate ways and making music individually for around 10 years, they came back together and released "The Legacy Continues...". I saw these guys perform a few months before they released this album and they were really good. I waited in anticipation for the album and when it arrived I was happy with what I heard but not overly impressed. Then I gave it a few listens and it really grew on me. This album put Def Wish Cast right back on the scene and showed that they still had life in them!

  • My survey for my future business...please help out!

    Lug 29 2006, 3:53

    Hello! My name is Ed and I am a graphic artist. I’m starting my own clothing label and I’d really appreciate it if I could take two minutes of your time to answer some quick questions.

    Sex: Male / FemaleAge: Under 15 / 15-35 / Over 35

    1. Are there any brands of t-shirts or jumpers/hoodies you normally buy? If yes, which ones?

    a) Yes. The following:
    b) No

    2. What do you normally look for when buying a top?

    a) a good design
    b) brand
    c) a good fit
    d) colour of the top/design

    3. What 3 colours do you prefer to wear? Are there any colours you wouldn’t wear?


    I wouldn’t wear these colours:

    4. Would you pay more for Australian made clothing?

    a) Yes
    b) No

    5. What price ($AUS) would you pay for a t-shirt that appealed to you?

    a) Under $15
    b) $15 - $20
    c) $20 - $25
    d) $25 - $30
    d) $30 - $35
    e) Over $35

    6. Would you pay more for better quality (clothing and print)?

    a) Yes
    b) No

    7. Would you buy clothes online?

    a) Yes
    b) No

    8. Are there any type of design that you’d like to see? (eg certain sports, hobbies or cultural events)

    9a. AUSTRALIANS ONLY If you traveled overseas would you wear clothing which identified you as being Australian?

    a) Yes
    b) No

    9b.PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA ONLY If you travelled to Australia would you wear a t-shirt with an Australian design?

    a) Yes
    b) No

    If you would like information on future products or designs or would like to hear how the business goes, please leave your details.



    Thankyou for your time and enjoy your day!
  • Resin Dogs tour with Hermitude & Def Wish Cast

    Apr 25 2006, 14:48

    For those who don’t know, I recently went to an Aussie Hip-Hop show at the Prince of Wales, Melbourne. Resin Dogs were the headliners with Def Wish Cast and Hermitude as the supporting acts along with some guest MC’s for the Resin Dogs set.

    DJ G-San was there from the start playing some pretty cool tracks. He was mixing up some hip-hop - mainly artists from the US like Jurassic 5 - and then throwing in a few old soul tracks as well like Marlena Shaw’s “California Soul”. Anyway he was there until about 10:30 pm just setting the mood and waiting for the crowd to build up. He was doing a pretty good job of it too adding in a bit of scratching in between tracks and mixing in the tracks between each other.

    After he went off Def Wish Cast were up with Katch from the Resin Dogs on the tables. I’m guessing that he’ll be doing the beats for the new Def Wish Cast album which is due “hopefully June” on the Hydro Funk label. Anyway, for people who don’t know about Def Wish Cast, they are Aussie hip-hop pioneers and were doing their stuff in the late 80’s to mid 90’s. They then went missing from the scene and I’m not sure why – it might have something to do with one of their MC’s having a big dent with a scar on the side of his head – but they’re back now and they’re producing some pretty good stuff.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, but when they were up on stage they were really good. Not only was the rhyming well executed, they were also interacting with the crowd and break dancing in between verses (including my favourite, the robot). Their upcoming album is certainly one to look out for as the new tracks they were performing were sounding pretty nice.

    Def Wish Cast said their thank yous and good byes and Hermitude were then setting up to come on. Elgusto on the tables and Dubs on the keys. I wasn’t quite sure how they’d sound live but they pulled it off really well doing some live mixes of songs as well as making up a couple of tracks on the spot. With no MCs it was a bit hard to keep the crowd interested in the tracks but they were calling out to the crowd getting them to interact too which was a good thing (I’m all for crowd interaction)! I found that towards then end of their set I was getting a little bored as they sort of went from hip-hop to jungle and drum n bass. I like that sort of thing but I wasn’t in the mood for it.

    They packed up and the Resin Dogs started organizing their mics and instruments (they were in their live band mode which was something to look forward to. Keys, guitar, drums, turntables and double bass). Once they had everything set up out came Abstract Rude, Mystro and Hau, who was wearing an elephant mask. From memory they started up with the new track “Definition”. It was good because there were some screens set up and they had the lyrics to the choruses so people could join in if they wanted to. The live band was sounding really good too.

    Abstract Rude and Mystro were really into it and were really involving the crowd while Hau was more standing at the back just participating. Anyway they performed a few new songs which I’m guessing will be on the upcoming Resin Dogs album. I thought they sounded pretty good too so I’m looking forward to it being released. Along with the new tracks a few older ones came out.

    It was weird, they finished one song and somebody climbed up onto the stage. The person looked like they were pretty drunk too but they were trying to talk to one of the guys from the Resin Dogs. Katch was telling him to get back down and was pointing him to get off but the guy kept standing there. Finally a big bouncer guy who was doing the sound levels or something got onto the stage, picked up the guy and carried him off like a baby to the back of the stage and then threw him down the stairs! That’s not the funny bit though, I’ll come back to this later!

    Anyway, part way through one of the Resin Dog’s new tracks called “A Destructive Circle” (which is about greed and how “money don’t make the man”) they all stopped, bobbed down behind their instruments and on the screens they had a video going which was pretty much about the US attacking Iraq etc and was asking who is going to be next? Iran, North Korea etc. That went for a few minutes and then they started up the song again. It was pretty interesting.

    After doing an encore which included one of the members of Def Wish Cast, Mystro said that there was an announcement to be made “somebody is getting married” to which a small group of people walked to the front of the stage. A girl got up and was acting like a bit of a dick (drunk, drugs or both) and then Mystro asked where the guy was. One of the guys who was with the girl said something to Mystro and he then said “oh it was the drunk guy! That guy who got thrown off! Well I think he might have been a bit too drunk to propose anyway! Where is he?” to which somebody said that he was still out the back or got kicked out or something!

    So anyway it was a really good night. The only thing which was annoying was the few dickheads who were on drugs/really intoxicated and were dancing into me. It’s annoying when this happens because it takes your focus off the music and puts it onto the person. I ended up elbowing a guy really hard in the back one time and he moved off a little and then came back so I ended up moving.

    So Def Wish Cast and also the Resin Dogs have new albums coming out which both should be really good. All the artists which performed were really good live so if you get the chance to see any of them go and do it. Hermitude are traveling overseas for the next few months too so for anybody overseas go and check them out if you can.

    For anyone interested in Aussie hip-hop join this group: Aussie Hip-Hop
  • Groups I Recommend People Joining

    Mar 24 2006, 6:11

    Hey, I'm just going to talk about some of the groups I'm joined to, and please check them out if you think they sound good.

    Aussie Hip-Hop

    This is my own group but that's not why I'm recommending it. It's pretty active and there are quite a few people in there who know their stuff when it comes to Australian hip-hop. Anyway, there are a lot of reviews and recommendations there and also news on Aussie hip-hop so it doesn't matter where you are with Aussie hip-hop, you'll fit in and find the group useful. You don't need to be Australian to join this group.

    Fans of real Hip-Hop

    If you like hip-hop, true hip-hop (not Eminem etc but Jurassic 5 etc) then check out this group. It's pretty active and pretty knowledgable.


    If you like porn then this is the group for you! And hey, I know everyone likes porn whether they admit it or not is another story!


    Similar to the Aussie Hip-Hop group but this is for the fans of Aussie rock! It's not too active but not much will change that. You also don't need to be Australian to join this group.

    Viva La Revolucion

    This group is actually pretty funny. The whole point of it is to try and kick out the leader of the group and have revolutions!

    I'm all about the love, man.

    This is a new group but it's pretty cool already. It's all in the right spirits and it's pretty cool. If you're a happy person then join this group!


    This is a very small group at the moment but already quite a bit of talk has gone on about Aussie Rules. Any new members are more than welcome to join.

    So that's it! Are there any groups you're joined to which you'd recommend?
  • 100,000 plays

    Mar 24 2006, 5:37

    This is more for myself, so it's not very interesting.

    100,000 tracks have just been played...quite a lot really. My 100,000th song was "M-Phazes - Come On" which is a hip-hop track from the Gold Coast, Australia. It's actually a really nice song.

    Here are the stats:

    Top Artists – Overall

    1 Downsyde 1060
    2 Frenzal Rhomb 1024
    3 TISM 988
    4 Koolism 946
    5 Regurgitator 922
    6 Spiderbait 882
    7 The Herd 866
    8 1200 Techniques 841
    9 78 Saab 828
    10 You Am I 797
    11 Resin Dogs 795
    12 Muphin 792
    13 Icecream Hands 788
    14 The Fauves 787
    15 Machine Gun Fellatio 774
    16 Sunnyboys 741
    17 Gerling 737
    18 Lyrical Commission 685
    19 Beasts of Bourbon 679
    20 Clandestien 678
    21 Screamfeeder 658
    22 After Hours 657
    23 Dallas Crane 654
    24 Hilltop Hoods 649
    25 Architecture in Helsinki 646
    26 The Cruel Sea 645
    27 Hermitude 628
    28 AC/DC 613
    29 The Avalanches 604
    30 Curse ov Dialect 592
    31 The Meanies 590
    32 Reason 589
    33 Cannibal Tribe 584
    34 Lazy Grey 580
    35 Bliss n Eso 578
    36 Celsius 574
    37 Machine Translations 554
    38 Brethren 553
    38 Morganics 553
    40 Katalyst 549
    41 Bias B 541
    42 Prowla 524
    43 Gyroscope 505
    44 Something for Kate 498
    45 TZU 488
    46 Tappin Buttons 482
    47 Bodyjar 481
    48 Plutonic Lab 479
    49 Metabass 'n Breath 476
    50 DJ Bonez 463

    Top Tracks – Overall

    1 Hilltop Hoods - Back Once Again 60
    2 Koolism - Know Hau 57
    3 Brad Strut - My Joint 56
    4 Koolism - Koolism Is 54
    5 Bliss n Eso - Greenhouse 50
    5 Hermitude - Gusto's Theme 50
    7 Mass MC - BBQ Song ft. MC Thorn 49
    8 Downsyde - Best Kept Secret 48
    9 Trem - Sheer Talent 47
    10 The Fauves - Self Abuser 46
    10 Gerling - Windmills and Birdbaths 46
    12 Brad Strut - A Good Thing 45
    12 Delta - For The Kings 45
    12 Hermitude - Cave Styles 45
    15 Layla - Maverick 44
    16 Gerling - Enter, Space Capsule (Radio Di 43
    16 Sunnyboys - Happy Man 43
    16 Downsyde - Battle Me 43
    16 Fizard - Detonate 43
    16 Bliss n Eso - Bim Bam Boogie 43
    16 Morganics - Phone Sex (Feat. Sista Native) 43
    22 Celsius - Illuminate 42
    22 Architecture in Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind 42
    22 Sunnyboys - What You Need 42
    22 Sunnyboys - Tomorrow Will Be Fine 42
    22 Trauma - Madness 42
    27 Ken Oath - All She Wrote 41
    27 Sunnyboys - My Only Friend 41
    27 Hermitude - Highway Burner 41
    27 Muphin - Drift 41
    27 Base Dynamics - Industrial Waste 41
    32 AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long 40
    32 78 Saab - Like It Was Before 40
    32 Macromantics - Hyperbolic Logic 40
    32 Cog - My Enemy 40
    36 I Killed the Prom Queen - Upon A Rivers Sky 39
    36 78 Saab - Never Ending 39
    36 Matty B - Raw Cause 39
    36 Muphin - Smoke Stained 39
    36 Urthboy - Long Walk Home 39
    36 Urthboy - Come Around 39
    42 The Stockholm Syndrome - Portrait 187 38
    42 Dallas Crane - Sit on My Knee 38
    42 TZU - L Plates 38
    42 The Mark of Cain - First Time 38
    42 Hermitude - Section Reckin 38
    42 Cannibal Tribe - Raw Live 38
    42 2up - If Rap Was A Sport 38
    42 Brethren - Slingshot 38
    50 Architecture in Helsinki - Kindling 37

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  • 1 year of Audioscrobbler/Last.fm

    Mar 13 2006, 12:17

    I just realised 1 year of using Audioscrobbler/Last.fm has gone past. Time really does fly it doesn't seem that long ago that I first stumbled across this site via someone talking to me about it.

    Anyway I've found it really useful and interesting (and a bit addictive) as well as really getting me into listening to music more closely and widely (if that makes sense?). I pretty much have music constantly playing on my computer now and it's really got me listening to songs I wouldn't normally listen to much. Before I would just play a couple of songs from an album and skip the ones I didn't first like but now that everything is in one big playlist, it goes through it all and I hear songs a few times.

    Anyway, the rough stats for the first year of listening goes like this:

    Tracks played: 96686
    Average plays per day: 264
    Top 50 artist percentage of total listens: 33.2%
    Top 50 tracks percentage of total listens: 2.1%
    Posts: 802
    Friends: 16
    Groups joined: 45
    Groups run: 2

    Artist top 10:
    1 - Downsyde - 1004
    2 - Frenzal Rhomb - 969
    3 - TISM - 961
    4 - Regurgitator - 909
    5 - Koolism - 903
    6 - Spiderbait - 866
    7 - The Herd - 831
    8 - 1200 Techniques - 810
    9 - 78 Saab - 786
    10 - Icecream Hands - 762

    Song top 10:
    1 - Hilltop Hoods - Back Once Again - 58
    =2 - Koolism - Koolism Is - 53
    =2 - Koolism - Know Hau - 53
    4 - Brad Strut - My Joint - 52
    =5 - Bliss n Eso - Greenhouse - 49
    =5 - Hermitude - Gusto's Theme - 49
    =7 - Downsyde - Best Kept Secret - 47
    =7 - Mass MC - BBQ Song ft. MC Thorn - 47
    =9 - The Fauves - Self Abuser - 46
    =9 - Trem - Sheer Talent - 46

    My top 10 for both isn't an indication of which artists I like the most, more so which artists I have the most music of. Top songs played really doesn't show anything on my stats either. I don't really listen to the same song much.

    Pretty interesting too that all my top 50 artists and songs are Australian. All the top 10 songs (bar 1) are Australian hip-hop while the top 10 artists are a mix of genres. I guess it makes sense when I have a playlist of Australian music only that I listen too quite reguarly. I remember when I started off though the Beastie boys, Hieroglyphics and RJD2 all had a while as the top artist listened to.

    I think I need to listen to some international music a bit more often...