Kicking Matt Sharp's ass.


Lug 10 2006, 1:04

On Friday I went to see The Rentals with OZMA and some band called Irving.

Irving was cute, I guess. Their music wasn't bad. Just not very interesting.

Ozma was amazing, or should I say, Ozmazing. They opened the show with Natalie Portman and closed with Rocks. I wish they'd have played Baseball or The Business Of Getting Down, but at least they played Utsukushii Shibuya and Battlescars. I love Ozma. They make me want to come crawling back to Hellogoodbye :)

Okay now, The Rentals played like five songs I knew and a billion more I didn't. And Matt Sharp would not shut the hell up. Seriously that guy kept talking and talking and screaming and making my headache worse. The best part of the show was when they played I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams and let Rachel take over (no Matt trying to take over Rivers's part, bless him). She rocks. During the twenty-minute encore, when Matt wasn't talking and talking, they covered Walk on the Wild Side which segued surprisingly neatly into Friends of P.

So, yay for Rachel and all the other people in The Rentals, boo for Matt. And TRIPLE-YAY for Ozma. Not sure when I'll be ready for another night of power-pop though. That was sure a lot of power chords, synths, keyboards, and hooks.


  • JoshP1134

    Eh, you can't blame Sharp. The guy's pretty hella funny. I'd kill to see a reunited Rentals concert though. I'll check out Ozma if you say their that good. ;)

    Lug 15 2006, 0:59
  • rawky

    I guess the guy's so happy about getting back to doing what he does best, that he couldn't stop talking about it? Ozma used to be a great band, yeah. I thought they were dead?

    Lug 21 2006, 1:37
  • hipcheck23

    go Haden wondertwin powers!

    Nov 19 2006, 2:28
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