Woody's A Girl - feature album #5


Mag 1 2012, 0:54

“Songs written and recorded between 2006-2007. Release date listed as 2007.”

The fifth Woody's a Girl feature album of 2012 is The Shade Of My Day, which contains more of the earlier WAG recordings, this time from 2006-2007.

The tracklist for the album is as follows (with featured songs denoted by an *):

1. Can't Heal The Dead 2:16 (7)
2. Colourful (Demo) 3:08 (4)
3. Eat Dirt (Winterfold Mix) 2:00 (4)
4. Knife Job (Demo) 3:26 (3)
5. No Surprises No Hope* 2:28 (5)
6. An Ode To Wasting Time* 2:36 (7)
7. On The Clock (Winterfold Mix)* 3:19 (7)
8. Rude (Edit)* 1:46 (6)
9. Run Like A Man (Snook Sessions) 4:39 (4)
10. Starling* 3:06 (10)
11. Turbulent Skies* 2:20 (7)

This was another album with songs of an autobiographical nature ("Rude", "Eat Dirt", "No Surprises, No Hope", for e.g.), but also had fictional elements ("Turbulent Skies", "On the Clock", "Colourful"). It also had a re-recording of "Run Like A Man". This is another of those albums to which WAG consigned a number of songs that didn't belong anywhere else, but there are also some tunes here that she is quite fond of.


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