Roxette (supported by 1927), 2012


Feb 29 2012, 2:00

Tue 28 Feb – Roxette - Challenge Stadium Perth

We saw Roxette last night - there was heaps of controversy with a guy lighting a lighter (FIRE HAZARD!!!) and people stepping outside the white lines. Naughty cattle misbehaving! ;) OH, and the worst thing of all - later in the night, a chick was on some guy's SHOULDERS dancing to the music!!!!!!!!! the horror!!!

Last night, a friend and I went to see Roxette live in concert. They were supported by an Aussie band 1927 who I never even heard of until recent years. Apparently 1927 were a pretty big rock band (in Australia at least) in the 1980s. You can read about 'em here if you so desire. I wrote about the last 1927 gig I went to here. Anyway, they were really good last night and the crowd loved them. They did put us in an awkward position though by telling us they'd bragged to Roxette that Perth audiences were the best in the country (I know they always say that, but in this case this guy really does love Perth and has even moved to live here). So I guess we had a bit to live up to.

Anyway, Roxette came on stage and they were really great. A bit more 'stiff' than in their heydey, but they still looked good. A colleague told me this morning that apparently the lady from Roxette (peroxide blonde lady) has had a brain tumour and is blind in one eye!! So knowing that in hindsight, I can see why she is maybe a bit less 'flexible' than she might've been in olden days. I think it's pretty amazing that she's still up and at 'em considering she's gone through that crap. They played all the favourites (well, at least the favourites I have heard of - I'm not big on my Roxette musical catalogue, I must say). The show opened with the song I'd been thinking about all along - "Dressed for Success", a.k.a. "dressed for some sex." hehe. Those are the lyrics my mum thought the band was singing back in the day. ;) Other highlights for me personally were It Must Have Been Love, Dangerous, She's Got the Look (song 2 of their first encore) and last but not least, Joyride.

Anyway, in that quote at the top (which was today's Facebook status), I mentioned some of the things that went horribly, horribly wrong at the gig. I tell ya, somebody could've got HURT by that tiny little flame from the lighter. A bushfire could have started! And that chick up on some guy's shoulders? My gosh, she could have got a head injury, or fallen on lots of other people & broken their bones! And stepping outside the white lines - OMG, that was just unacceptable (we had to stay in the middle of the white lines, to leave a walkway on either side of the floor, which is fair enough, but security spent a LOT of time and energy telling people to get within the white lines. It seems that straddling the white line was acceptable, or rather they didn't bother trying to make us go further in than that (which is good as there was no room to go further in!!).

It was a very funny night, but I still don't like going out on school nights! hehe


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