Lacuna Coil...Shallow Life, Shallow Album?


Ott 19 2010, 12:07

Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life

Yes, I'm stealing that from another user who I saw say "Shallow Life, Shallow Album" somewhere... I did buy it, and managed to get hold of the deluxe edition - which I'm very thankful for because it has some great b-sides on it that probably would've made the album a lot better had they been included as A-sides (so to speak).

While I was listening to this album, I got confused. I think I figured out what was confusing me so much - many of the songs seem to have borrowed lyrics from each other, so that it almost sounds like the songwriters have just recycled the same old lyrics for numerous different songs. There's a song called Survive, but then the song I Won't Tell You has the word "survive" in it quite a few times... I'm Not Afraid sees us being told "I'm not afraid to take you down", and then in Underdog we're told vehemently, "You are going down" (that song really makes me cringe).

It's definitely not a crime for an album to have a theme, and this one seems to for sure: I'm not afraid, you're going down, die bitch, I'm not shallow, how dare you? That kind of thing. It's also not a crime for a band to do different things with each subsequent album. I feel very strongly that each of LC's releases so far are different from each other. But when I compare this album to the likes of Unleashed Memories (truly magnificent, that one), all I can do is how far the band has come. Namely, how far up the food chain and down the honour scales. That might sound weird, but I get what I'm saying and I guess that's what counts. :D

I really hope that something changes (again) with the next album they work on - even if they do something entirely different to what they've done before. Surely they can afford to keep some integrity from here on in. I hope they've made enough money for that anyway!


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