Artists and songs on the new Eardrums Autumn Compilation


Set 17 2008, 9:11

Here is a list of artists and songs for the new Eardrums compilation, which I hope to have ready on the site early next week, probably on Tuesday 23. September.

The track listing is not 100% finished and putting everything together is more difficult than I expected, but all the songs have arrived (UPDATED: Songs from The Guild League and Clay Hips received today).

So, here are the songs that will be on the new 4 volume Eardrums compilation. Some are exclusive, some will be on the bands upcoming albums and some are already released.
I hope I haven't forgotten someone in the list...

Here we go, in no particular order:

The Guild League (AUS) - Incandescent
Clay Hips (GER/UK) - disappointed
The Motifs (AUS) - Notes
Ally Kerr (UK) - The truth that I have earned (acoustic version)
Sparky's Magic Piano (UK) - Popcorn
Crayon Fields (AUS) – Mirror ball
Je Suis Animal (NOR) – Dominating spot in the room
BALLADS OF THE CLICHE (Indonesia) - (Song not decided yet)
Cocoanut Groove (SWE) – A gull's wing
Run Toto Run (UK) – Your face
Very Truly Yours (USA) - Homesick (Lisle from Fireflies' new band)
Paper Moon (CAN) – The one for me
Fanfarlo (UK) – Harold T. Wilkins
Darren Hanlon (AUS) – Hold on
The Postmarks (USA) – 7-11 (Ramones cover)
Pelle Carlberg (SWE) - Nicknames
Roses Kings Castles (UK) – Sparkling bootz (the solo project from Babyshambles'- drummer)
The Kabeedies (UK) – King Canute
Detektivbyrån (SWE) – Om du möter varg
The Lodger (UK) – Falling down
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (USA) – Everything with you
Melpo Mene (SWE) – I adore you
Butcher The Bar (UK) – Raspberry beret (Prince cover)
Provköket (SWE) – If I Then I But I So I
Park Hotell (SWE) – Two Crosses
Choir of Young Believers (DEN) - Claustrophobia
Rökkurró (ISL) - Heidskyr heimsendir
Horse Shoes (USA) – I can't decide (harvest mix)
Lost in Found (JAP) – November stranger
batte (NOR) – Summer sun
Herostratos (NOR) – Slumber
Jesper Norda (SWE) - Gentle and slow with a new sharp edge
Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (UK) – I saw the lights go out
Robotboy (SWE) – Night surf
Hjaltalin (ISL) - Þú komst við hjartað í mér
Firekites (AUS) – Same suburb different park
Julie Venus (SWE) – Stumbling again
The Hi-Life Companion (UK) – Jeanie Janus
Colin Clary (USA) – Shirley Sharon
Everyday Sensations (SWE) – 1 steps 2 step
Bonnie & Clyde (SWE) – GBG 123
Dark Captain Light Captain (UK) – Questions (Chicken feed remix)
Anthony Rochester (AUS) – Special payment option
Guther (GER) – Magic
Kotki Dwa (UK) - Le Beau Charcutier
Parker Lewis (SWE) - Trouble
enorma sass (NOR) - Japan
Douglas Heart (SWE) - Untiteled
Lucy Lehmann (AUS) – Long American hugs
Richard Holmsen (NOR) – Reasons I can't explain
Wool Strings (JPN) – Shirley Poppy
Butcher Boy (UK) – Arbor day
Left With Pictures (UK) – Super-8
Like Honey (SWE) – Like a song
Heart Sick Groans (SWE) – Suddenly Molly
The Kick Inside (UK) – Of Love & Flesh
The Rosie Taylor Project (UK) – Sloe gin fizz (acoustic)
Children and Corpse Playing In The Streets (NOR) – Boil in bag
Basic Shape (AUS) – White skin (the main band of Gerry Eeman from The Guild League)
We Aeronauts (UK) – Fleet river
The Heart Strings (UK) - Her new disaster
The Lorimer Sound (USA) - Notre chanson en Francais
Sambassadeur (SWE) – Crooked spine
Silverdrop (NOR) – Drown her
Boy Genius (USA) - Eleanor
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes (ITA) - Apples
Stickboy (UK) – It's OK walk away
The Hillfields (UK) – Postcard from home
Vapnet (SWE) – Jag lät bara sanningen gå
Einar Stray (NOR) - Arrows
Japan Air (SWE) - Stars
The Simple Carnival (USA) – Over coffee and tea
The Tiny (SWE) – Too heavy a burden
Dreamboy (SWE) – You're so great
Kråkesølv ) (NOR) - Hjørnebrikke
Juni Järvi (SWE) – Looking at you is like looking at the sun
Afternoon Naps (USA) - Postcard
Robert Svensson (SWE) – Young punks
Irene (SWE) – September skies
Knots We Tie (UK) – Blood below
Hello Seahorse! (MEX) – Won't say anything
The Asteroid Theory of Death (UK) – Where have all the blankets gone (the side-project from Fanfarlo's singer)

Does it look like it will be any good?

All of this + cover art + a pdf document with artist info will be available for free download from the Eardrums site ( next week, most probably on Tuesday the 23rd of September.

Hope to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Knut | Eardrums


  • rob_hillfield

    It looks superb!!! thanks for asking The Hillfields to contribute!! cheers, Rob

    Set 18 2008, 13:22
  • colinclary

    can't wait! yow!

    Set 18 2008, 15:35
  • lucrativeangst

    Thanks for listening and spreading the word! Looking forward to it!

    Set 19 2008, 7:21
  • Boygenius17

    What a great list! Not sure if I mentioned it, but we're not planning on releasing "Eleanor" anywhere else. Thanks for including us!

    Set 20 2008, 13:03
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