My Best Concert EVER!!! :-)


Giu 22 2008, 22:52

Sun 22 Jun – Duran Duran
Finally after having been a fan for 24 years, today was the day when I first saw Duran Duran live, so I think I can die happy now!!!! :)

They started the show with three of their new songs The Valley, the titletrack from the album Red Carpet Massacre and Nite-Runner before turning to some of their older songs.

Hungry Like the Wolf was the first of their old songs, and what a song to!. Followed by their debutsinglePlanet Earth before turning to their newest single Falling Down. The next song played was the 1993 song Come Undone, the first song of tonights show which didn't originally feature Roger Taylor on drums, but that wasn't a problem, Roger played great anyway!

After that the guys turned to yet a new song with Skin Divers, before turning to The Reflex. At that point I had been dancing and singing alot, so I was actually hoping for the same waterfall coming from the scene as in the video, but that ofcource didn't happen :)

The song was followed by Save A Prayer which was a very special moment, standing with my girlfriend since that song has a special meaning to us. Simon Le Bon did say to us the audience to turn on our mobilephones (back in the days it should have been lighters but anyway) which ofcource just made the moment all the more special!

After Save A Prayer, the guys left the scene and returned a few minutes later, where they began their so-called 'Electro-Set'. Simon, Nick, John and Roger lookingand acting like Kraftwerk playing Last Chance on the Stairway, All She Wants Is and their cover of Warm Leatherette, followed by I Don't Want Your Love, Skin Trade and Tempted. Tempted was also their last song from the newest album Red Carpet Massacre

After their '6 songs as Kraftwerk' they turned back to their 'normal selves' and played alot of their older songs, starting with their James Bond theme song A View to a Kill, followed by Notorious and Girls on Film. The version of Girls On Film is probably the longest version of the song I'll ever hear, because halfway through the song, Simon began introducing the bandmembers, starting with liveband members, the backup-singer, the sax-player, Dominick the guitarplayer, before turning to our heroes, Roger on drums, who by the way got a great and well-deserved applause, good to have you back in the band!!!!, Nick on synth, and John on bass. Now Girls on Film turned into a cover of Papa Was A Rolling Stone, where Simon introduced himself by saying 'Who's Your Daddy Now!', and then the band turned back to finish Girls On Film.

After Girls On Film, the concert reached a new high for me. All who knows me has probably guessed what song was next! :)

They played Ordinary World and I think I died and went to heaven, and had they stopped playing after that song I wouldn't have cried for more. But afterwards we still got cool songs like (Reach Out For The) Sunrise, Wild Boys before the concert ended with Rio.

So ofcource I'm biased and one of their greatest fans, but it was fantastic, and I'm giving the guys 6 well deserved stars. Thanks for a great show, and I hope I don't have to wait another 24 years before seeing you guys play live again!!!!!


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