• Let's end with Toonstruck soundtrack

    Set 5 2009, 21:31

    First of all, night greetings!

    I heard that many people tried to get Toonstruck soundtrack by such ways:
    1) Converting .MUS files with tunes from game to .wav ones using ToonRipper, GAP and comates. This is the ugliest method ever, because all that you'll get will 22 kHz MONO CHANNEL audio which will play like pile of crack, crackle and buzz;
    2) Stealing production music disks used for "Ren & Stimpy" cartoons. This will be better, but you'll not find quality more than 320kbps MP3 and they will not include 70% of tunes.

    Final of all you'll also find few tracks on disks like "Music for TV Dinners" which are rare but avaliable for sell and shares p2p networks.

    So let's stop the time wasting.
    Here is my soundtrack version that feautures 48 kHz 16 bit FLAC tracks, and of course you can convert them in whatever lossy format you want. Soundtrack include all recognized tunes that Lebostein figured. OF COURSE it's piracy, and don't ask where source audio for this soundtrack were taken from, you're KNOW IT! :-)

    Here is the download link:
    Free-Torrents.org release Use google! Piracy in Russia is now outlawed :(

    P.S.: Tunes are not from CD's so grabbing logs will never appear. AudioChecker will not help, 'cause as you know the nature of used audio files they are the best you can find.
    The only right check is to steal the same shared with Toonstruck "Ren & Stimpy" production tunes from Demonoid and compare them on Tau Analyzer with mine.