Covers: Good and Bad.


Dic 7 2005, 18:08

I like good covers of songs I like. It is especially good for me when a band I love covers a song by another band I love and does it good.

Not In Love
(covering I'm Not in Love)

But what I hate most is when an artist I love covers a song by another artist I love and does a not-so-good (read: crappy) job on it.

And She Was
(covering, of course, And She Was)

Maybe I would be okay with that cover if I did not know it was Keaton Simons doing it. Maybe. (It doesn't sound like the Keaton Simons I'm used to, and that upsets me! Of course, it was in a Disney movie and I cannot imagine the Keaton Simons sound that I'm used to being used in a Disney movie...)



    For me the GOOD is Hound of love / Futureheads

    Dic 7 2005, 18:17
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