Mar 29 2007, 11:11

i was up at six am sunday night on 72 hours without sleep reading really old journal entries and got a fierce feeling of nostalgia and depression when i remembered i had to play songs on the radio in the morning
laff itup i know i didd

download here

01 Inoculate The Innocuous
02 Glass Figurine
03 Aside
04 Rush Job
05 Jennifer Lopez
06 Expectations
07 Oh Messy Life
08 rock candy
09 Bishop Allen Drive
10 Westfall
11 Sent You Up
12 Caught in a Flood With the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad
13 The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade
14 Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely
15 Tigers
16 Frug
17 The Sweetness and the Light - was not played due to time constraints
18 dance music
19 Living Too Late

some of these bands do not deserve to be here poor things
also i don't think i listened to the fall at that time but i could not not play them
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