show, 02.26.07


Feb 28 2007, 12:03

i started hosting a short show on knds
this first one is pretty poorly arranged

download here

i included all possible bbcode to see what happened and now it's hard to read

01 "Bored" by Destroy All Monsters, Bored, 1999
02 "At Home He's A Tourist" by Gang of Four, Entertainment!, 1995
03 "Cops" by The One AM Radio, cover of a Scientifics song, An Assembly, 2003
04 "Does Your Heart Beat Slower" by June of 44, Four Great Points, 1998
05 "Little League" by Cap'n Jazz, Analphabetapolothology, 1998
06 "Geoffrey Ingram" by Television Personalities, ...and don't the kids just love it, 1981
07 "Diane" by Hüsker Dü, Metal Circus, 1983
08 "This Is a Picture" by Shellac, Terraform, 1998
09 "Stove" by Eric's Trip, Love Tara, 1993
10 "Bigmouth Strikes Again" by The Smiths, rank i think some date???
11 "Shady Lane" by Pavement, Brighten the Corners, 1997
12 "Gramme Friday" by The Fall, Grotesque, 1980
13 "Oh, Precious" by Okkervil River, Stars Too Small to Use, 1999
14 "Do You Like Me" by Fugazi, Red Medicine, 1995
15 "Bouwerie Boy" by Free Kitten, Sentimental Education, date forgotten
16 "Leave You To Dream" by The Distractions, Nobody's Perfect, 1980


  • jnikopol

    pretty good cept for a bit of a slowdown in the first part. woot. ehah.

    Mar 2 2007, 7:15
  • jnikopol

    at school the student radio station was retarded. they didnt have a transmitter they just did it online and on the residential tv. it was so dumb so once i decided to quit and left a merzbow cd on loop and it was still on when i checked like a day later. then i barfed. on my face. woot.

    Mar 2 2007, 7:17
  • drowsyhaze

    haha that sucks great

    Mar 4 2007, 1:43
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