Perennial Favorites #1: Hidden Gems


Mar 28 2006, 10:21

Some songs in my library are so good, that no matter what, I will always be in the mood to listen to over and over again. These select few belong on my prized "Perennial Favorites" playlist, which I shall be sharing with you all in installments -- aren't you excited?? Anyway, for my first post, we concentrate on amazing songs by artists much more well known for generally crappier tracks.

On a High
I mean, Barely Breathing is great and all, but it just doesn't compare to breezy happiness of this single which reminds me of the sun shining on a rippling ocean expanse or gradated shades of blue.

Closer To You
I'm pretty much neutral on One Headlight and all of The Wallflowers' various other singles...I never really expected that they would be a band to produce one of my all time favorite songs. However, Closer to You is brilliant in almost every which way -- it has gorgeous soft yearning vocals and lyrics and a serene dreamy sound and atmosphere that make me love Jacob Dylan as much as his father.

Anna Begins
I love so many Counting Crows songs, but this is just so brilliant that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. A beautiful song about the fear and uncertainty of falling in love.

On Peak Hill
Don't get me wrong, I adore Your Ex-Lover Is Dead,Set Yourself On Fire,Time Can Never Kill the True Heart, etc., but this track off of their debut album Nightsongs is the best Stars song out there -- trust me. A song about breaking up whose melody whirls beautifully about like a gentle night wind.

Bella's Birthday Cake
I'm perfectly aware that this post features a complete overuse of the words "brilliant" and "beautiful", but cut me a little slack when I describe my most adored songs. Refreshingly, I admit I would not use either to describe this song, but it is nevertheless quite addictive and much better than the vaguely whiny and insipid Superman or 100 Years.

Allison Road
Admittedly, this is hardly an unknown song, but when most people hear "The Gin Blossoms", they think of Hey Jealousy or Follow You Down. Those are fine and all, but Allison Road is genius.

The Dolphin's Cry
Likewise, this song enjoyed its share of radio play, but it gets completely overshadowed by other Live hits like (the admittedly fantastic) Lightning Crashes and All Over You when really it should be the most famous Live song of them all.


  • huddyhippo

    [i]Anna Begins[/i] <3<3<3 Damn, I haven't listened to that song in such a long time. I used to alternate listening to 'Anna Begins' and 'Mr Jones' because it gave me the most amusing mood swings that involved bouncing around while feeling rather tearful. :D

    Mar 28 2006, 13:12
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