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Brano Album Durata Ascolti
The B Set: An Cathair Rua/Brother Gildas'/Bean an Tí ar Lár (feat. Kieran O'Hare) 3:17 4
Factory Smoke: The Factory Smoke 2:21 6
Tunes with Johnny: Finbar Dwyer's Fancy/Ríl Uí Sheachnasaigh/Finbar Dwyer's (feat.… 5:26 7
Rakes and Frolics: Tuhy's Frolics/The Rakes of Cashel (feat. Pat Broaders) 4:32 8
Owen Roe: The Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill (feat. Kieran O'Hare) 2:34 8
The Fair Wind: The Droning Old-Aged Woman/The Fair Wind (feat. Pat Broaders) 4:52 9
Byrns March: Pride of Petravore/Byrns March (feat. Pat Broaders) 5:31 9
Sir Ulick Burke: Sir Ulick Burke 5:01 11
The Silver Hand: The Silver Hand (feat. Pat Broaders) 5:04 13
Trundle's: Trundle's/Paddy Fahey's/Ryan's Rant (feat. Pat Broaders) 5:01 14
Trotto: Trotto (feat. Pat Broaders) 2:47 21
Boy in the Boat: An Buachaill sa Mbád/Rothaí an Domhain (feat. Pat Broaders) 3:10 24
Gur Mise: Gur Mise Tha Fo Mhulad (feat. Donna Long) Brano preferito 3:31 48